Sayonara Cup Regatta Summary


15-19 JANUARY 2024

The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron after winning the Cup from Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania in 2019 is excited to announce the Sayonara Cup will be held on the 15th to 19th January 2024 in the International Etchells Class. The 4 Signatories of the Deed of Gift, Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania & Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron have agreed to extend invitations to challenge to the top 21 Yacht Clubs in Australia with a Challenger Series to be held on the 13th – 14th January 2024 should multiple clubs take up the challenge.

History of the Sayonara Cup

History of the Sayonara Cup

The Sayonara Cup is considered to be Australia’s equivalent of the America’s Cup. Conceived post-federation in 1903 as an interstate challenge between the traditional rivals of Melbourne and Sydney, the match racing event initially between large yachts but gradually evolved to accommodate changes in yacht types and other States.

The experienced gained by Australian yachtsman racing for the trophy lead to Australia’s first challenge of the America’s Cup. Whilst the event has experienced periods of dormancy, it is still regarded as one of Australia’s Premier yachting trophies and continues to support the friendly interstate rivalry it was founded upon.

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Sayonara Cup Info

Previous Winners:

2019 - Whimsical, RSYS (NSW)
2009 - Karabos IX, RYCT (TAS)
2004 - Imagination, RPEYC (NSW)
2000 - Isis, RPEYC (NSW)
1997 - Ellen J, RPEYC (NSW)
1996 - Freycinet, RPEYC (NSW)
1994 - Karabos VIII, RYCT (TAS)
1993 - Sea Joy VII, RSYS (NSW)
1992 - Karabos VII, RYCT (TAS)
1991 - Karabos VII, RYCT (TAS)
1990 - Karabos VII, RYCT (TAS)
1989 - Karabos VII, RYCT (TAS)
1988 - Maj Britt, RYCT (TAS)
1987 - Maj Britt, RYCT (TAS)
1986 - Rawhiti, RSYS (NSW)
1985 - Rawhiti, RSYS (NSW)
1984 - Kirribilli II, RSYS (NSW)
1962 - Saskia, RSYS (NSW)
1956 - Saskia, RSYS & RPAYC (NSW)
1955 - Saskia, RSYS (NSW)
1954 - Frances, RYCV (VIC)
1953 - Erica J, RYCT (TAS)
1952 - Frances, RYCV (VIC)
1951 - Frances, RYCV (VIC)
1932 - Vanessa, RYCV (VIC)
1931 - Vanessa, RSYS (NSW)
1930 - Vanessa, RSYS (NSW)
1929 - Vanessa, RSYS (NSW)
1928 - Norn, RSYS (NSW)
1910 - Culwalla III, RSYS (NSW)
1909 - Sayonara, RYCV (VIC)
1907 - Sayonara, RYCV (VIC)
1904 - Sayonara, RYCV (VIC)

Sayonara Cup Coordinator

Event Coordinator: Claudia Thackray

Telephone: +61 (2) 9017 0150

Email: [email protected]

Address: Sailing Office, 33 Peel St, Kirribilli NSW, Australia 2061

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