RSYS Sustainability

RSYS Sustainability

RSYS Environmental Sustainability Committee

The committee’s purpose is to provide RSYS management with the strategic direction and policies for improving the environmental credentials and sustainability of our Club.

Commodore Christian Brook launched the formation of this new sub-committee at the 2021 AGM. The committee is chaired by John Taylor and the committee has created a plan to instigate initiatives for energy, waste (circular economy) and water reduction and for more environmentally friendly chemical use. The committee will contribute to our future planning so that we have a more sustainable use of the Club and facilities.

The Environmental Sustainability Committee welcomes Members’ suggestions to improve our Club’s sustainability credentials. Please contact us via Reception: [email protected]

Our initiatives

  1. Energy use – Reducing Carbon Footprint – Solar panels read more
  2. Energy use reduction – signage near switches    read more
  3. Reducing waste – unwanted sail recycling     read more
  4. Reducing waste –  recycling bins     read more
  5. Reducing waste – CCA water fountain     read more
  6. Reducing waste – water flasks     read more

Monitoring Solar Panel Performance

Interested in the RSYS solar initiative? The following link gives historical and live data on how much power our panels are generating.

Solar Panel Performance

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

RSYS commissioned a solar panel array which was installed on the boatshed roof at the end of 2022.

The Solar Energy Project Fund was administered via the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) which enabled donations to our Club for eligible projects to be treated as charitable giving. With the generous support of our Members, this initiative has been highly successful.

Your support has propelled us closer to our sustainable energy goals and exemplifies the spirit of environmental stewardship within our community. Thanks to your contributions, we are taking significant steps towards reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a greener future for our beloved club and the pristine waters we sail upon. Together, we are making a positive impact, and we are truly grateful for your commitment to our shared vision of sustainability.

Energy Management

Energy Management

Soon you will see new signage near light switches encouraging lights, screens and AC to be switched off when vacating meeting rooms.

Engagement with Oz Harvest

To address Members’ concerns regarding food wastage at our Club, Oz Harvest have been engaged to collect any excess food which would otherwise be thrown out. We will monitor the success of this initiative. We are also considering waste food composting.

Disposing of unwanted sails

Disposing of unwanted sails

The SailExchange sail bin will find a new home for your unwanted sails. The service is free and saves your old sails from going to land fill.

Please note that it has been relocated to the rear of Wudyong house in the lower car park where the Boatie Afloat collection point was sited.

Recycling bins

We have installed attractive recycling bins on the hardstand. Please use the bench to sort your rubbish into recyclables and landfill waste when returning ashore.

CCA Water fountain

We are pleased to offer Members and their guests chilled still or sparkling water from our new dispenser. Perfect on a warm day and ideal for filling your flask before sailing.

Water flasks

The Club now sells crested aluminium flasks and sturdy plastic water bottles to assist with reducing single use plastic bottles. These are available in the CCA and in the Sailing Office retail store.