RSYS Sailing Academy

RSYS Sailing Academy


Established in 1960, the mission of the RSYS Sailing Academy is to foster and promote sailing and to support our Members throughout their sailing journey. Since its inception, the Academy has supported thousands of sailors through our Discover Sailing and performance training programs, including senior RSYS Flag Officers, Olympians, America’s Cup champions and World Champions.

In addition to providing world class training opportunities, the RSYS Sailing Academy also places a significant emphasis on developing a sense of community that helps attract and retain Members for life. Our community engagement initiatives range from experience days on Members’ yachts, New Sailing Parent ambassadors, Youth Sailing social functions and many other events designed to help connect sailors from the different programs offered.

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RSYS Sailing Academy Programs

RSYS Sailing Academy Programs

Tackers Discover Sailing

The Tackers program is the first step in every kid’s sailing journey and is open to sailors aged 7 – 12 years old. RSYS Tackers courses are run throughout the year and use our Club’s fleet of Tackers Optimist dinghies.

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Teens Discover Sailing

The RSYS OutThere Teenager Holiday Camps are specifically designed to cater for teenagers and use our Club’s fleet of Elliott 7s keelboats. The camps are a great opportunity for sailors to try keelboat sailing and explore Sydney Harbour with their friends.

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Adult Discover Sailing

The RSYS Sailing Academy provides a number of discover sailing programs for adults in both keelboats and dinghies. Our courses are designed to cater for a wide range of experience levels from novices to boat owners looking to refine their skills.

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Optimist Program

The RSYS Optimist program is targeted at youth sailors who have recently completed the Tackers program and are interested in racing. The program offers training twice a week and supports sailors to compete at a variety of competitions both locally and farther afield.

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Pacer Program

RSYS Sailing Academy’s newest program, Pacers, gives sailors the opportunity to sail in a double-handed (two people) boat with a symmetrical spinnaker. This squad is ideal for sailors who prefer a team environment and are interested in teams racing.

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Laser Program

The Laser program is open to RSYS Members of all ages. It caters both for sailors interested in our high-performance pathway and those interested in social sailing. Our program provides training and racing opportunities for all three Laser divisions with a focus on the 4.7 and Radial for youth sailors.

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Squadron Keelboat Program

The SKP is a selective high-performance training program for sailors aged 13 – 23 years old who are interested in competing in keelboats at an international level. Sailors of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the program.

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Our team of enthusiastic volunteers are fundamental to the success of the RSYS Sailing Academy’s various sailing programs, and we are always looking for additional support. Members are able to get involved through a number of opportunities, both on and off the water.

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Additional Courses

The RSYS Sailing Academy offers a number of additional courses to support our members throughout their sailing journeys. The Academy is also partnered with a number of businesses including Above and Beyond Boating who offer specialised courses such as RYA Yacht Master.

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Sailing Pathways

Sailing Pathways

The RSYS Sailing Academy offers a diverse range of Discover Sailing and performance training programs to meet the needs of our Members and provide a variety of starting points for both Members and non-members looking to begin their sailing journey.

For youth sailors, our pathway provides a number of opportunities to start sailing from 7 – 17 years old in either the Tackers or OutThere Discover Sailing programs. Sailors can then progress to our youth performance training programs such as the Optimist, Pacer or Laser programs.

For adult sailors, there are several opportunities to discover sailing in our Club’s fleet of Elliott 7s keelboats or Laser dinghies. The Keelboat Discover Sailing program is our most popular option and is open to both Member and non-member sailors of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels.

If you would like to enquire about additional training opportunities, please contact a staff member of the RSYS Sailing Academy (Click Here)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Australian Sailing accredited training centre?

Yes. The RSYS Sailing Academy is an Australian Sailing (AS) accredited training centre for both our Discover Sailing and performance training programs.

Do I have to be a RSYS Member?

Non-members may participate in the Tackers, OutThere and Adult Keelboat Discover Sailing programs.

To participate in any other RSYS Sailing Academy programs (i.e. Optimist, Pacers, Lasers, SKP,) sailors must be or become an RSYS Member within one month of enrolling in the program.

For more information about RSYS membership, please contact a staff member of the RSYS Sailing Academy (Click Here).

Do I need my own boat?

Discover Sailing Programs: No. RSYS provides boats, sails and PFDs for all Tackers, OutThere, Adult Keelboat and Adult Laser discover sailing programs.

Optimist Program: Yes. Sailors are required to purchase and maintain their own boat.

Pacer Program: No. RSYS provides a fleet of Pacers including sails for this program.

Laser Program (Performance Training): Yes. Sailors are required to purchase and maintain their own boat. Sailors can request to hire a RSYS Laser (4.7 and Radial rigs only) depending on availability.

Squadron Keelboat Program: No. RSYS provides a fleet of Elliott 7s keelboats for this program and sources additional yachts for training as required.

Do I need to buy any special clothing or equipment?

Discover Sailing Programs: No. Sailors are not required to purchase any specialised clothing or equipment for the Tackers, OutThere, Adult Keelboat or Laser programs. Sailors will be provided with a list of recommended clothing and equipment on enrolment for each program. A general overview for all courses recommended gear is: clothing that can get wet, extra layers to stay warm, sun protection such as a hat and sunscreen and enclosed shoes (mandatory). Sailors will be provided with a personal flotation device (PFD) for the duration of the program.

Performance Training Program: No, however, the RSYS Sailing Academy will provide sailors with a list of recommended clothing and equipment at the beginning of the program that will significantly enhance overall experience of the program. The list offers a variety of price points and brand options to suit sailors’ individual needs. All sailors must purchase and wear their own PFD at all times whilst afloat.

If you have any other questions about clothing or equipment, please contact a staff member of the RSYS Sailing Academy (Click Here)

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