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RSYS Waterfront: Martindale Restoration

The Martindale has a long history. In the late 1920s, J T Mortlock, the Commodore of the Royal SA Yacht Squadron, commissioned R.T. Searles & Sons of Birkenhead, S.A. to build the Martindale. She was launched by the Governor General of South Australia on 19 July 1932.

During WWII, Martindale was loaned to the Royal Australian Navy. She was commissioned HMAS Martindale Q33, on 11 July 1941 and sailed from Adelaide to Sydney for a refit including installing an anti aircraft gun on the aft deck. She sailed to New Guinea waters where she served in an air and sea rescue role as well as carrying out general duties. On her return to Sydney, she was refitted and returned to her owner, J T Mortlock.

Over the years she has had several owners and sadly fell into disrepair.

In 2012, RSYS legend, Mick York with the assistance of RSYS member Tony Clark, created the Martindale Trust to own, restore and preserve the Martindale as part of Australia's maritime and war history.

Since 2013 the Martindale has been restored by a number of dedicated volunteers and trustees led by Mick York with the assistance of the Sydney Heritage Fleet. The Sydney Heritage fleet also restored and installed the replacement engine, a Gardner 8L3B.

Above Photo: Mick York at the Sydney Heritage Fleet with the restored Gardner 8L3B.

In 2002 she was slipped with the kind assistance of Sean Langman at Noakes.

Above: Photo of the Martindale on the Lane Cove River in 2022 after slipping at Noakes.

On June 8 2023, the RSYS Boat Yard helped with the restoration of the Martindale loading 1 tonne of ballast into the Martindale to replace lead stolen when the Martindale was in disrepair.

Above: Photo of Ned offloading the pallets of lead.

Above: Simon and Adam installing lead ingots below the draws in the State rooms.

The Custodians of the Martindale (and proud RSYS members) Ralph Pickering, Julie Lowes and Robert O’Callaghan appreciate the help from Ned and his team!

Read more about the Martindale Restoration here.