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Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron to host 2024 Sayonara Cup

5 December 2023

The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron is thrilled to announce that the Sayonara Cup will be held from 15 – 19 January 2024 in the International Etchells Class.

The Sayonara Cup is considered to be Australia’s equivalent of America’s Cup and is a significant part of our national sailing history. It was conceived post-federation in 1903 as an interstate challenge between the traditional rivals of Melbourne and Sydney.

Commodore Christian Brook said, “The Squadron is excited with its long history, to again defend the Sayonara Cup in January after winning it back in March 2019 from the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. Since then, along with the other signatories of the Deed, there have been some minor changes that we are hoping will encourage other Clubs around Australia to challenge.”

The match racing event was initially between large yachts but gradually evolved to accommodate changes in class types and technology.

The four Signatories of the Deed of Gift; Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania and Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, have extended invitations to the top 21 Yacht Clubs in Australia to challenge the Cup.

A Challenger Series will be held from 13 – 14 January 2024, should multiple clubs issue a challenge.

Commodore Brook continued, “The Sayonara Cup in January is being sailed in Etchells and will be a busy period at the Squadron with the Etchells Nationals prior and the J/70 Nationals to follow. We are eager to share these sailing opportunities as a part of the busy calendar ahead.”

The experience gained by Australian yachtsmen racing for the trophy led to Australia’s first challenge of the America’s Cup.

While the Sayonara Cup has experienced periods of dormancy, it is still regarded as one of Australia’s premier yachting trophies and continues to support the friendly interstate rivalry upon which it was founded.

Entries close on Saturday, 16 December 2023.
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2019 - Whimsical, RSYS (NSW)
2009 - Karabos IX, RYCT (TAS)
2004 - Imagination, RPEYC (NSW)
2000 - Isis, RPEYC (NSW)
1997 - Ellen J, RPEYC (NSW)
1996 - Freycinet, RPEYC (NSW)
1994 - Karabos VIII, RYCT (TAS)