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Opti sailors compete in the ACT

Remember that time we went to the ACT States at Canberra Yacht Club, and we had to get up at 6am to drive down there, and then there was no wind until 3pm……

Natasha Miller writes, ‘Memories are made of days like that. By the time the “AP” was hauled down at 3pm, the Opti squad had time to build a seriously concerning circus swing and were well into sea-trials for a water-bottle outrigger complete with chip-packet sail. Parents had no alternative but to settle down under the gazebo and listen to the band.

Despite the fun on shore, the launch flag finally went up and there was a run for the boats. The organisers managed 3 races in the flukey afternoon breeze, leaving just enough time to make it to our team dinner at the Kingston Hotel.

Luckily the breeze more or less cooperated on Sunday, with 4 races completed in good time to make it back to Sydney.

A shout out to Cooper Kramer, Cleo McLay, Edward Payne, Issy Yu and Lily Zahab in Green Fleet. Big improvements for everyone and we can’t wait until you show it off in home waters.

Well done Patrick McLachlan (13th), Rory Miller (22nd) and Brodie Kinsman (29th) in Open Fleet, and a big thumbs up to Jasper Fifield (17th), port tacking the fleet in his first Intermediate regatta. Full results can be found here.

Sailwave results for ACT Optimist Championship 2023 at Canberra Yacht Club 2023

Congratulations to the winners, and to all the competitors. Many thanks to the volunteers who made it happen, particularly Canberra Yacht Club’s race committee and shore support.

It will be a big summer for the Opti squad, with a number of families heading to Adelaide for the 2024 Nationals. We plan a good program of training in the lead-up, so watch this space.’

To find out how you and your family can get involved with Youth Sailing at RSYS, or support the kids, contact [email protected] or call Vanessa on 9017 0154.

Photos by Natasha Miller