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Crabshack Dinner Delights

On Friday evening, 2 June, over 150 guests joined us in the Carabella Room for our annual Crabshack feast.

The Squadron Crabshack dinner is an opportunity for our Members to gather their friends and family for an unforgettable evening of waterfront dining with the best seafood on the market. This beloved tradition has gained a reputation for its exceptional seafood offerings and gourmet delights.

In the spirit of good fun, guests donned our highly fashionable crab bibs before descending on a spread of shared plates.

The menu, carefully crafted by our talented kitchen, showcased the finest flavours of the sea. The blue swimmer crab platters took centre stage, all prepared to perfection. The succulent meat of the crabs was expertly seasoned and served alongside freshly steamed balmain bugs and plump, juicy prawns.

To complement the seafood extravaganza, our team presented a selection smoked sausages, adding a smokey flavour to the meal. In a nod to the American tradition, the dinner also featured classic sides, such as hot corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese as well as golden buttery potatoes.

The annual Crabshack dinner is always a highlight on our calendar, and like last year, was a resounding success. It brings together our members in a celebration of gastronomy and camaraderie, and we are thrilled to continue its tradition.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year.