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Secondary Schools Teams Racing at RSYS

Last weekend 24 teams competed at the NSW Secondary Schools Teams Racing Championship.

Let’s recognise our top sailors!

The RSYS Sailing Committee is calling upon Members to nominate an appropriate person for one of the five significant awards for the 2023-2024 sailing season.

Friday Twilight on Just Quietly

Sue Swanson writes, 'As Donald and I cruised up the harbour from the Parramatta river where Just Quietly lives, we had plenty of time to discuss whether it was going to be a number 1 or number 3 headsail (we don’t have a number 2!).

Cellar Exclusive MMAD Vineyard Release

Our Cellar is stocking 6 bottles of two exclusive wines from MMAD Vineyard. Wine enthusiasts get in quick!

Tuesday Twilight sailors celebrate the season

Last Tuesday night sailors celebrated 20 years since Ladies Tuesday Twilight racing was introduced for the 2004-05 season.

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