Teenager Learn to Sail (Keelboats)


Teenager Learn to Sail (Keelboats) - 13 to 17yrs

The RSYS Teenage Learn to Sailing Keelboat courses are designed for teenagers aged between 13-17 years of age, using the Australian Sailing 'Keelboat Program'. All training courses are conducted by accredited Australian Sailing Instructors and are also open to both members and non-members.

Courses make use of the Squadrons exciting fleet of Elliott 7s sports boats. Our boats allow you to learn to sail without the fear of capsizing, and usually with several other people onboard. Learning to sail in a self-righting keelboat provides a learning platform that is stable yet responsive.

Throughout the course, our teenage students will be able to enjoy sailing in all parts of Sydney Harbour, including an adventure sail and lunch, and should condition's permit, a trip to the Middle Harbour area. Students will be able to learn the fundamentals of sailing and develop an understanding of each person’s role and how teamwork plays a major part in being an effective crew. They will come away with the knowledge and confidence to sail a small boat competently and for those that wish, you can progress to larger boats or participate as crew on a racing boat.

What should I wear on a keelboat course?

With the majority of the course spent sailing around Sydney Harbour, we highly recommend that participants wear clothing that can get wet.

For men, we recommend board shorts, a long sleeve sports top (similar to what you would wear at the gym) and a spray jacket. We also recommend you bring a change of clothes, towel and sailing gloves. 

For women, we recommend board shorts or active wear, a long sleeve sports top (similar to what you would wear at the gym) and a spray jacket. We also recommend you bring a change of clothes, towel and sailing gloves. 

All participants must wear enclosed shoes, we recommend old running shoes, and a hat at all times whilst sailing. 

The RSYS provide PFD's for all course participants.  

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Upcoming Courses

** Please note that all courses are subject to change with limited notice, based on demand and availability. **

What is the Teenage Learn to Sail Keelboats program?

The Squadron Teenage Learn to Sail Keelboat program is a great way for teenagers aged between 13 - 17 years to discover sailing on a dynamic and fun keelboat. All the keelboat programs use the Squadron's fleet of new Elliott 7s sports-boats. There are four levels that the sailors will progress through. 

Start Crewing

The first step on the Keelboat pathway introduces sailors to the basics of sailing on a keelboat, including boat handling, safety and basic sailing theory

Start. Helming

This course further develops sailors theory and practical skills to confidently take control on the helm.

Start Skippering

Sailors will now get to advance their sailing skills and safety knowledge to enable them to skipper unsupervised in sheltered waters.

Start Spinnakers

This course introduces sailors to the fun and challenge of using asymmetrical and symmetrical spinnakers.

What's next for Teenage Learn to Sail participants?

Once sailors have completed all four levels of the Teenage Learn to Sail program there are several opportunities for them to continue sailing on keelboats including the Squadron Keelboat Program and crewing for Saturday or Twilight races (sailors must organise crew positions themselves). Contact the Sailing Office for more information about the opportunities available for sailors who have completed the program (Ph: 02 9017 154). 



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