Squadron Development Program 2017 - 2018

The Squadron Development Program is an 11 month keelboat training program for Intermediate members and non-members aged between 17-24 years of age. The program is designed to expose its participants to the performance pathways of keelboat sailing at a national and international level.

We ask participants to set goals that may help them achieve success in one-design keelboat campaigns at a national and international level or even being part of an international team or program in big boat sailing.

Participants in the Squadron Development Program will focus on refining their skills in the following areas;
·        Developing keelboat boat handling skills including the dynamics of both asymmetrical and symmetrical spinnakers
·        Developing a deeper understanding and knowledge base of the Racing Rules of Sailing
·        Establish crew work & direct communication skills
·        Implementing changes from dinghy fleet racing tactics to keelboat racing
·        Gain regatta experience in one-design events
·        Extend and develop knowledge of rules and their impacts on racing
·        Advanced tactical skills
·        Regatta preparation and program training
·        Monitoring and reading the weather
·        Develop skills in identifying boat and sail maintenance
·        Improving overall boat and regatta fitness
The Boats

In February of 2015 RSYS commissioned and launched a new fleet of Elliott 7 keelboats. The Elliott 7 metre keelboats which carry a crew of 4 or 5 are an exciting, modern, dynamic, state of the art 7 metre  sports boat. These boats are proven all round performers and ideal for use in match racing, open racing & club keelboat training. Given these boats suit a wide range of abilities they are ideal for the clubs development program and have become the standard in similar programs in Australia and New Zealand.

How do you become involved in the Program? 
The program selects up to 20 participants annually from those interested and invited sailors. All sailors must be with 17 and 24 years of age and must be willing to train multiple times a week with the squad. They also must attend one of the information and trial sessions on either Saturday 1st April or Sunday 2nd April 2017.
For those ready to take their sailing to the next level please fill in the Squadron Development Program Expression of Interest Form 
Regattas & Racing

The Squadron Development Program throughout the year will be engaged in various regattas and racing opportunities in both Sydney, interstate and internationally. In the summer months the squad will sail in the mini regatta series, incorporating 3 windward/ leeward races on alternating saturdays. This allows crews the opportunity to sail against similar type sports boats in a competitive environment while monitoring their improvements over the course of the series.

Other regattas that the club may send representative teams to in the 2017-2018 season include;
  • Sail Mooloolaba Match Race (MYC)
  • NSW Match Race Championships 
  • Harken International Youth Match Race Championships (RPAYC)
  • Musto International Youth Match Race Championships (CYCA)
  • Warren Jones International Youth Match Race Championships (RFBYC)
  • Hardy Cup Youth Match Race Regatta (RSYS)
  • Centerport Wellington International Youth Match Race (RPNYC)
  • Nespresso International Youth Match Race (RNZYS)

NB - All participants should be aware that selection to any regattas or events is not automatic and that all Squad members must abide by the Athlete Code of Conduct and the program’s Selection Criteria. 


This years program coach will be Klade Hauschidlt. Klade (or Clyde as he is commonly known) started in Lasers then moved into 470’s where he trained under Australian coach Victor Kovalenko. Klade then moved back into the Lasers pre-London Olympics training under Olympian and Gold Medal coach Michael Blackburn.

Klade has won numerous awards for sailing and coaching includind being a former Queensland Youth Sailor of the Year, a Australian Youth Sailor of the Year and more recently the Yachting Queensland Coach of the Year runner-up. He has also more recently coached the highly awarded Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club development program.

This year Klade will be spending several days a week with the program as well as traveling to regattas and supporting the teams. 


Due to the length of the program and the heavy training loads those applying should be aware of the commitment levels required and why the eligibility criteria is so important. The eligibility criteria for this year’s program are;

·        Member of a club or preferably a member of RSYS
·        Aged between 17-24 years of age (some atheletes under expectional circumstances may be selected who do not fall within the age eligibilty) 
·        Prior sailing experience in either dinghies or keelboats.
·        Willing to commit to multiple days of training throughout winter and summer.
·        Prepared to commit to both on-water and off-water training sessions.
How Do I Apply?
  1. Read the Program Conditions, Athlete Code of Conduct and Selection Criteria document carefully and ensure you are able to meet all of the conditions & criteria. Print and sign a copy ready for the coach to accept. If you are under 18 years of age please ensure a parent or guardian also signs your form.
  2. Fill in the Squadron Development Program Expression of Interest Form online and select your preferred date for the information and trial sailing session Saturday 1st April or Sunday 2nd April 2017.
  3. Make contact with the clubs Program Coach Klade Hauschildt (k.hauschildt@outlook.com) or the clubs Training Manager Andrew Phillips (andrew.phillips@rsys.com.au or P: 02 9017 0153) and let them know you have expressed your interest.