So what’s on in the Cruising Division in 2015?

Over the Christmas break, we have been busy planning some events that we think may add enjoyment and knowledge to your “cruising experience”. And we would like the opportunity to present our ideas to you on the evening of the 28 January 2015 and to obtain your feedback, if not your better ideas.

Why choose this date? Because it’s the fourth Wednesday in January. In fact, every month we would like the RSYS cruising fraternity to gather on the fourth Wednesday to discuss all things cruising, but as you will see, some evenings will have a themed component.

So what can you expect on the 28 January 2015?  We would like to report to you on events to date, present to you the events we have planned for 2015 in the form of short previews, update you on progress and listen to your thoughts on what you want from the RSYS Cruising Division. At the same time, we would like to provide you with an opportunity to socialise with other members and friends.

Where:            Careening Cove Anchorage, RSYS Clubhouse.

When:            18:00.

Duration:        1.5 hours then dinner.

Program:        27 December 2014, Broughton Island Ocean Cruise Report (Presented by Alice Zehnder and Peter Williams).

28 February 2015, Harbour Raft Up, with Richard Lawson (Rapunzel)

23 and 24 February 2015, Marine VHF Radio Operator’s Course.                     

25 February 2015, Cruising Adventures, East Coast of Australia (with Jeremy and Claudia Gormley).                 

2 and 3 March 2015, First Aid Course.

11 March 2015, Basic Marine 12 Volt Electrics Course (with Rob Starkey).

25 March 2015, Overseas Cruising, the Mediterranean (with Julie and Terry Clarke).

11-19 April 2015, RSYS Annual Cruise.

22 April 2015, Overseas Cruising In Company, Swedish Yacht Rally 2016 (with Trevor Joyce).

6 May 2015, Advanced Coastal Navigation Forum (with Mike Milne-Home and Peter Williams).

The RSYS Website and other communications initiatives.

Questions and Feedback


Drinks:             The CCA bar will be open for orders.

Food:               The CCA galley will be open for dinner. Please book on 9955 7171 or


But Wait, There’s More

If you don’t know all there is to know about VHF radio then you are unfamiliar with an important item of safety gear. What does “silence” mean? What are the calling and distress frequencies? How do you call for help in different circumstances? How do you rig up an emergency antenna? One day you may need to know.

Jeremy and Claudia Gormley have recently cruised the east coast of Australia. In fact, their passages include the Australian coast between Townsville and Tasmania. Solo cruising on their Buizen 48 (Manati) they have experienced pretty much all that our east coast has to offer. Lots of photos, an opportunity to ask questions directly and some sage advice all mixed up in one evening. Not to be missed.

The ability to manage injuries and medical emergencies at sea is essential. A certificate in First Aid is a worthwhile acquisition to your skill set.

Modern boats have modern toys and with the death of the sextant and the hand bearing compass, understanding you boats electrics is important for diagnosing problems and rigging up temporary solutions when away from port. This is a “hands on” introduction to marine 12v electrics with the renowned Rob Starkey. Rob is probably better known for his publication “Rob’s Passage Planner”, some may say an essential reference for cruising the east coast of Australia. Rob is a member of the RPAYC and a member of its Cruising Division.

Have you ever considered buying a boat in Europe and cruising the Mediterranean as a couple? Well that is exactly what Julie and Terry Clarke have done over the last two years. Between hopping on shore to take in some memorable performances of Wagner’s Ring Cycle and cruising the clear waters of Sardinia, Corsica and the west coast of Italy in their beautiful Jeanneau 49 “Exotica”, they have amassed a significant amount of knowledge and experience in solo cruising on the Mediterranean. Lots of photos. Another opportunity not to be missed.

If cruising in company overseas (with some social racing) and with minimal organisation is your scene, then Trevor Joyce (Marina Boating Holidays) is the guru of the organised cruising event. Whilst Trevor plans to talk about the Swedish Yacht Rally 2016, I am sure that Trevor will be more than happy to talk more broadly about other exciting destinations Mariner Boating have to offer.

Mike Milne-Home, retired Royal Navy nuclear submarine commander, knows a thing or two about navigation and for that matter Dead Reckoning. This is a forum, not a course. It’s for people that have some experience in coastal navigation and would like to participate in a round table discussion of important elements of coastal navigation. However, we do not want to exclude people without experience. Please come along and listen to the discussion and at the end of the evening; we will open up discussion to all people attending.

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”. Water Rat, Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows.

Peter Williams, RSYS Cruising Division