Youth Success at NSW/ACT Laser Metros

The very popular Laser Metropolitan Championship was hosted by Double Bay Sailing Club from 18 – 19 March. There were 81 entries over three divisions: 4.7, Radial and Standard, and it was a great success.

Over the two days of racing, six races were able to be completed with one drop for the series. 16 RSYS Youth sailors participated in this regatta, which was a great turnout, and they achieved some exceptional results. Congratulations to all involved!


RSYS Results:


Laser Radial Fleet 38 entries

1st – Marlena Berzins (pictured above)

2nd – Oskar Hansen

20th – D’arcy Kemp – The Apparatus

21st – Carlotta Cruesemann 

28th – Henry Davison – Henrise

36th – Maddie O’Shea – Pickle


Laser 4.7 Fleet 15 entries

2nd – Jack Littlechild – Fast Forward

3rd – Zac West – ZWR

5th – Daniel Costandi – The Force Awakens

6th – Mark Louis – Remarkable

8th – Sylvie Stannage – Little Miss Persist

9th – Timothy Stubbs-Race – Sly Boat

11th – Susan Wilson

12th – Daniel Kemp – The bear

13th – Ashleigh Baber – Lizard Drinking

14th – Gretel Payne – Amazon



View full results here