RSYS hosts schools Team Pacer regatta

On 27 March, the Squadron was host club and organising authority (along with host schools Scots and Ascham), for the NSW Team Pacer Association ‘Sydney Harbour Regatta’.

Richard McLachlan writes, ‘One RSYS team of seven sailors (three boats of two crew and a substitute) represented the Squadron, competing against many teams from both the host schools (Scots had four teams, Ascham had two) and others including Monte, Wenona, St Aloysius, Riverview, Sydney High and Canberra Grammar.

Team racing is a quite specific and strategic form of sailing competition: just two teams compete in a race with three boats from one team vs. three boats from another. The lowest overall point score wins a race determined by the position of each team boat. Endless round robins mean races are held against as many teams as possible. The team with the most wins and lowest overall score in aggregate is the final winner.

All the teams launched at various clubs around the harbour and gathered on the course in front of our Club.  The weather was fine with variable to light wind of 8-10 knots at the start of the day. A busy round robin was run throughout the morning in which Scots, Ascham and St Aloysius were very competitive. Unfortunately, after the break and reset for the finals series, the wind dropped to nothing. The organising committee soldiered on through the first set of Division finals but the (lack of) wind was our eventual enemy, and racing was abandoned, much to the disappointment of many sailors, organisers, umpires, coaches and spectators.

The RSYS team competed very well, winning three of six races, and importantly, learned a great deal and improved throughout the day against some very strong competition.

(L to R) Oliver McLachlan, Max Henderson, Zac West (Coach), Harriet McLachlan, Alissa Braden, Lauren Tandy, Olivia Lee, Maddie Atkinson.

Our warm thanks go to the Sailing Committee and Office for supporting the event, the many volunteers that make such a big event possible, and of course to the RSYS coach, Zac West, who led the team with great skill and care throughout the day.’

Photos by Richard McLachlan and Rhian Hughes