Perseverance Trophy – “And so it goes….”

 The Perseverance Trophy, a model of the Perseverance built by Donald Maclurcan and donated to the Squadron in 1986, is currently presented to the winner of a pointscore comprising our Club’s three primary Offshore events: the Gascoigne Cup, the Morna Cup and the Milson Cup.

Last Saturday was the final race and Morag Bheag (John Maclurcan) and Minerva, Tim and Edward Cox’s DK 43, went into the event with a point between them.

Tim and John have been jousting for over 30 years and while John has persisted with Morag Bheag, Tim has graduated from Asterix, a Peter Cole Pawtucket 35, and close to Morag Bheag in performance, through a J35 and to his current vessel.  They no longer see each other on the race course.

The severe weather on Saturday, coupled with very poor visibility, resulted in all racing being abandoned by the Race Committee due to safety considerations. Morag Bheag wins the Perseverance Trophy – congratulations to the skipper and crew.

Both yachts would have been on the race course if the race had proceeded but will have to live another day to resume their competition.

Incidentally, while John continues his newspaper research into the history of the Squadron, he recently found this amusing tidbit:

Wednesday, 30th January, 1901 – Evening News


The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron’s race for the Gascoigne Cup, which was set down for next Saturday, has, in consequence of the funeral of the late Queen, been indefinitely postponed. It is hoped that a date will be found for the event before the season closes.

Photo: SASC Lion Island Race start, 3 September 2016, by John Jeremy