RSYS Foundation

RSYS holds several funds that enable Members and others to make donations to support our Club, our Members and our sailing activities. These funds are administered via the Australian Sports Foundation which enables all donations to be treated as charitable giving and therefore attract tax deductions.

The trustees of the Foundation are the current Flag Officers and the Honorary Treasurer. The Squadron Foundation is a separate entity from the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and it operates under its own sets of rules.

There are many ways to contribute to the lasting legacy of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron. Donations to the Squadron Foundation can be made in cash via an electronic transfer, planned giving, annual pledge, and employer matching gifts. The Squadron Foundation will consider donations-in-kind on a case by case basis.

For more information, please contact the RSYS Secretary at or Tel: +61 2 9017 0157.

Our Funds:

Sailing Fund
Archives Fund
Future Fund

Make a Donation

We offer three ways to make a donation:

  1. Download and complete the RSYS Foundation Donation Form 2022-23 and return to our Accounts department
  2. Visit our pages within the Australian Sports Foundation website here
  3. Complete and submit the online form for your preferred Fund

Sailing Fund

This long-standing vehicle raises funds for our Members’ sailing and associated infrastructure requirements at our Club.

The Squadron Foundation supports the sport of Sailing and its associated infrastructure requirements at our club. It provides support to young sailors just beginning their sailing careers, competitive sailors as they advance, and elite sailors seeking world-class competition. It also helps the club purchase and maintain support vessels such as RIB’s, training vessels such as the Elliott 7’s, and also purchase and maintain infrastructure such as pontoons and launching ramps. The Squadron Foundation also assists with the provision of professional coaching.

Members make a voluntary contribution to the Squadron Foundation – Squadron Sailing annually as part of their subscription renewal. This contribution is an integral part of achieving the Squadron’s primary objective of supporting Sailing.

History & Archives Fund

Our venerable clubhouse serves as a repository of art, trophies, artifacts and memorabilia. We seek funds to maintain our collection for the appreciation of our community.

Maintenance of our historic clubhouse requires long-term planning and significant financial support. Donations to the Squadron Foundation ensure the necessary work can be done to preserve our magnificent artifacts and restore significant paintings like the Beecroft’s Caricatures.

RSYS Future Fund

The RSYS Future Fund has been established to help build a capital base to allow the Squadron to create a long-term invested corpus to support major works for both on and off water activities.

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