King Billy takes the Win!

Congratulations to Phil Bennett and his crew aboard King Billy, who placed 1st in IRC Division 3 of the PONANT Sydney to Noumea Yacht Race 2018.

After a 20 year hiatus, the 1,064 nautical mile race returned with adverse conditions testing all those competing. The Squadron was represented by two yachts: King Billy and James Murchison’s Abracadabra, both of which finished in the top 17 places.

Despite the race being described as “hard as some Hobarts”, Abracadabra arrived in Noumea early last Saturday morning with a time of 5 days, 17 hours and 15 minutes. The team aboard King Billy was close behind, finishing in 6 days, 4 hours and 32 minutes.

John Taylor one of the crew members aboard King Billy commented on the race "it was very wet, cold and often windy. We were on starboard tack for six days.”



Images: Bryan Gauvan Photography (CYCA) , Andrea Francolini (CYCA)
Article: Zac Quinlan

AWKR 2018 - Back to Back Wins

RSYS Members Elyse Guevara-Rattray, Sara Ladd, Kat Wotherspoon and Olga Skatkova, along with Maria Nash and Liz Borberg, have taken out the 28th Australian Women's Keelboat Regatta (AWKR) Division 1 AMS series for a second year.

Held annually at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron in St Kilda over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June, the AWKR is a notoriously fun, often cold and always a very competitive regatta.

This year the regatta attracted 27 boats, more than 160 sailors and their supporters from across Australia and New Zealand. Victorian yacht owners make their boats available for teams, and this year the RSYS team were racing a borrowed Adams 10.

Over the three days of racing, six races were completed in a wide range of conditions. Day 1 was extremely light and shifty. Day 2 was shifty with moderate winds. The final day produced moderate winds that developed to 18+ knots, with bullets up to 28 knots towards the end of the final race, testing everyone.

Save the date - RSYS will hold its own Ladies of the Sea regatta over the October Long Weekend (September 29-30, 2018).

Squadron Prize Giving

The Carabella Room was overflowing on Friday 1 June with sailors awaiting the presentation of the Club's finest silverware to mark the end of the 2017-18 season. 

Commodore Richard Chapman made the following awards:

YACHTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR                              
Joanne Trophy to Maddie O'Shea (pictured above)                
Awarded to a Squadron member who sails regularly from the Squadron, is enthusiastic, deeply involved and an active participant in any aspect of sailing.           
YACHTSMAN OF THE YEAR                                
Idris Cup to Rupert Henry & Greg O'Shea (Greg pictured above)                    
Awarded to a Squadron member for excellence in local, national and international sailing competition who has demonstrated the art of good seamanship and sportsmanlike conduct.    

FLAG OFFICERS' CREWPERSON OF THE YEAR                                 
Carabella Tray to Will Ryan                   
This trophy recognizes a Squadron member who has demonstrated a high level of commitment to their sailing and contributed to the success of their skipper in th Club.                            

RSYS KOONYA CUP                                
Awarded to the owner of a yacht on the RSYS Register which has carried out a cruise under sail and auxiliary power of more than 900 nautical miles terminating within a year.                                
Sarah Goddard-Jones & Peter Lowndes of Wine-Dark Sea, (pictured below)

DIVISION 1        
Duende, Damien Parkes: Norn Cup
Ultreya, Rod Pearse: 2nd Spring series, Duke of Gloucester Cup
I Super, Peter Campbell: 3rd Spring series
Willyama, Richard Barron & Stephen Sanlorenzo: 1st Summer series, 3rd Short Inshore series, Milson Silver Jug
Assassin, John Vandervord, Phil Cutts, Ryan Brook, Tom Egan: 3rd Main series, 1st Spring series, 2nd Short Inshore series
Jackie Clare, Geoff Davidson: 2nd Main series, 3rd Summer series, 1st Short Inshore series, Geoff Lee Trophy        
Sydney, Charles Curran AC: 1st Main series, 2nd Summer series, Boomerang Cup
Alouette, John Waring: Milson Silver Tray
Ambitious, David Matthews: 3rd Summer series
Arcturus 3, Peter Davenport: 3rd Spring series, 2nd Short Inshore series, Intercolonial Cup
Solange, Trevor Carroll, Andy King & Will Hutchinson: 2nd Main series, 1st Spring series
Zig Zag II, Malcolm Shaw & Mike Seymour: 1st Summer series, 1st Short Inshore series, 3rd Main series
Agent 88, Stephen Ellis: 2nd Spring series, 2nd Summer series, 3rd Short Inshore series, 1st Main series, Carleton Cup,  J A V Minnett Memorial Cup
DIVISION 3      
Casamajor, Charles Moore: Xarifa Teapot
Norn, Robert Albert: 1st Summer series
Mingara III, Philip Crane: 2nd Spring series
Til the Fat Lady Sings, David Smith: 2nd Short Inshore series, Tarring Cup
Tingari, John Jeremy: 3rd Spring series, 3rd Summer series, 3rd Short Inshore series, 3rd Main series
Zeus II, Jim Dunstan: 2nd Main series, 2nd Summer series, 2nd Main series
Kirsten II, Ken Chase & John Bowman: 1st Spring series, 1st Short Inshore series, 1st Main series, The Flag Officer Race Trophy, The L F (Livvy) Mann Trophy
Yandoo XX, Jeanne-Claude Strong: 1st Milson's Silver Goblets
Vivienne, Rupert Henry: 2nd Milson's Silver Goblets        
The Hole Way, Grant Crowle: 3rd Milson's Silver Goblets
Northern Havoc, Michael Coxon & Iain Murray: 1st NSW Championhship
Tango, Chris Hampton: 2nd NSW Championship 
Lisa Rose, Martin Hill: 3rd NSW Championship    
Top 40, Peter Merrington & Geoff Bonouvrie: Eaton Cup
La Vie Dansante, Michael & Peter Nash: 1st Summer series
Plan A, Andrew Patterson: 3rd Main series, 2nd Spring series        
Wobbegong 2, Doug Flynn: 3rd Mini Regatta series
Shindig, Rob Weir, Mike Tyquin & Paul Thackray: 2nd Summer series,  2nd Club Championship series, The Ted Albert Memorial Trophy
Roue, Mike Morris: 3rd Spring series, 3rd Summer series, 2nd Main series Varuna Trophy        
Umami, Christian Brook & Ant Elliott: 2nd Mini Regatta series, 1st Club Championship series, John "Choco" Winning Memorial Plate
Zapper, Paul Grundy & David Baker: 1st Spring series, 1st Main series, 1st Main PHS series, Phil Pearce Memorial Trophy, Xarifa Chalice, Jim Annand Trophy
Carabella IV, Matthew McCann: 1st Mini Regatta series, 1st Mini Regatta series PHS, 3rd Club Championship series, Etchells Mini Regatta Trophy 
Trio, Matt Whitnall: 1st NSW Championship, Jock Carr Memorial Cup
Whimsical, Gordon Ingate: 2nd NSW Championship
Ascalon, Andrew Howe: 3rd NSW Championship
Miss Pibb, Hamish Jarrett &  Max Hayman: 1st Mini Regatta series, 3rd Main series, 2nd Summer series, 1st Mini Regatta series PHS, 1st Australian Championship, 1st NSW Championship, King Haakons Cup,  Jan H Linge Trophy, The Malcolm Barlow Trophy
Troika, Adam Tran & Callum Thompson: 1st Spring series, 1st Main series, 1st NSW Championship PHS, Royal Temple Yacht Club Trophy
Yertle, Jan Newland & Warrick Back: 2nd Spring series, 3rd Summer series
Blackadder, Gary Pearce: 2nd Main series, 1st Scratch series, 3rd Spring series, 1st Summer series,  3rd Australian Championship, 3rd NSW Championship, The 200 Trophy
Evie, Karyn Gojnich: 2nd Mini Regatta series, 2nd Australian Championship, 1st Australian Championship PHS, 2nd NSW Championship, K Gojnich, R McCance & S Ladd: Sirocco Trophy, Rupert McCurrich Fire Truck Trophy
Wyandot, Bryan Riddell: 3rd Mini Regatta series
Juno, Reg Lord: 1st J70 Australian Championship
James, Tim Ryan: 1st Mini Regatta series
Purple Patch, Jervis Tilly: 2nd Mini Regatta series, 1st Mini Regatta PHS series
Ichi Ban, Matt Allen: 1st Gascoigne Cup PHS & IRC
Morag Bheag, John Maclurcan: 1st Gascoigne Cup PHS Division 2, Thelma Plate
Midnight Rambler,  Ed Psaltis: 1st Gascoigne Cup IRC Division 2,  1st Milson Memorial Cup IRC Div 2
Minerva,  Tim & Edward Cox: 1st Morna Cup PHS
Nine Dragons, Bob Cox: 1st Morna Cup IRC 
Amante,  Dennis Cooper: 1st Morna Cup PHS Division 2,  G Carter Trophy
Saltshaker, Peter Franki: 1st Morna Cup IRC Division 2
Shine On, Phil Herscovics: 1st Milson Memorial Cup PHS
Khaleesi, Andrew & Pauline Dally: 1st Milson Memorial Cup IRC
Soundtrack, John Amos: 1st Milson Memorial Cup PHS Div 2,  RTYC Eddystone Lighthouse Trophy, Perseverance Trophy

Photos by Mike McLoughlan Moments

Cheers to our Volunteers

This week, 21-27 of May, is officially National Volunteer Week, an annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our nation’s volunteers. Did you know, more than 6 million Australians volunteer every year!

RSYS would like to contribute to raising awareness of this important area for clubs and organisations by sharing the story of some of our Club's volunteers. One example is Ian Kingsford Smith who, together with a large number of talented sailors and race officials, supported the sailing events for the 2000 Olympics. Many, just like Ian, were active sailors who still raced on a regular basis. Ian enjoyed volunteering at the Olympics and has conducted races at the Squadron ever since. Ian also gives generously of his time in many other areas of yacht administration. Other volunteers that have been active since the Olympics include David Flakelar, who is still an active Race Officer.

Some Members began their involvement well before the Olympics: our Chairman of Race Officials Martin Clark has been officiating since the early 90's. Another sterling example is Joyce Warn, who still conducts various Twilight events. Our Honorary Handicapper John Maclurcan has been dedicated to volunteering both for RSYS and other Harbour clubs for the better part of 40 years.

All in all, more than 40 Club Members volunteered for the Sailing Office during 2017-18. We are tremendously grateful to all those individuals, as the Squadron sailing calendar could not have been delivered without their dedication and support. We estimate that, including the work of our Committee Members, our volunteers probably did in excess of 5,000 hours of volunteering at the Squadron. 

We believe this calls for a week of celebration!

By Johan Hedberg, Sailing Manager

Youth Sailing Prize Giving

The Youth Sailing Prizing Giving was held on 18 May 2018 and concluded the 2017-2018 season. The event celebrated the achievements of the youth sailors with a number of them receiving awards recognising their outstanding performances. More than 110 youth sailors and parents attended the event, along with their coaches and the Youth Sailing Committee. During his welcoming speech, Commodore Richard Chapman reflected on the sense of community that had been engendered over the last season and congratulated all the sailors on their achievements throughout the year.

Presentations and awards:

Optimist Green Fleet
Most Improved – Ben Tattersall
Most Outstanding – Oliver Swiderski

Optimist Fleet 
Junior Sailing Pointscore Trophy – Isobel Payne
HB Jarrett Junior Sailing Championship Shield – Rohan Stannage
Most Improved – Abby Gilbert
Most Outstanding – Rohan Stannage

Laser 4.7 
Youth Committee 4.7 Handicap Trophy – Ashleigh Baber
Marj Colman 4.7 Scratch Trophy – Dan Costandi
Most Improved – Gretel Payne
Most Outstanding – Brooke Wilson and Dan Costandi

Laser Radial 
T E Morgan Memorial Trophy – Tim Stubbs-Race
Youth Committee Radial Scratch Trophy – Campbell Patton
Most Improved – Zac West
Most Outstanding – Maddie O’Shea and Campbell Patton

Laser Club Championship - The Chairman’s Trophy of Youth Sailing
Laser Radial – Campbell Patton
Laser 4.7 – Dan Costandi

Optimist Club Championship
Optimist – Rohan Stannage

RSYS Youth Summer Camp Australia Day Regatta Trophy
Winner – Team Yellow: Rowena Brown, Douglas Cassidy, Harriet McLachlan, Charles Smith, Sylvie Stannage, Simon Swiderski, Marlena Berzins (coach)

Special Perpetual and Clubmanship Awards:

Swish Perpetual Trophy
Charlotte Alexander

Optimist Achievement Award
Oliver McLachlan

Optimist Award for Excellence
Rowena Brown

The ‘Spirit of the Squadron’ Trophy
Charlie Smith

The Paul Warring Memorial Trophy
Oskar Hansen

The Norman G Booth Trophy
Tim Stubbs-Race

2018/2019 Season Youth Captains
Sylvie Stannage and Charlie Smith

2018/2019 Squadron Development Program Captain
Charlotte Griffin

Article and photos by Zac Quinlan