Combined Winter Series Race 6

Following a 'bye' last week due to the long weekend, all four clubs met again on Saturday 17 June for race six of the Combined Winter Series. There were more then 40 boats on the water which raced in steady, low to medium strength S and SW winds, which produced quite a nip in the air.

Currently in the overall Combined Series point-scores: Hell Razer has a healthy lead in Division 1, with a 9 point buffer over second position. Solange narrowly claims first place ahead Silky in Division 2. In Division 3, Primary Wave is currently in front by 8 points. Fagel Grip is clear ahead in the Classics Division, 18 points ahead of second. In the Non-spinnaker Division, Hyperion II and A Bus only have a one point difference between them, and in the Super 30 Division, Mr Mojo and Optimum are equal first.


Podium Results (PHS): 


Super 30  

  1. Matagi – Simon Oliver - BSC
  2. Sigurd – Ian Dencker - RANSA
  3. Mako – Cameron Wiklund - RANSA

Division 1

  1. Euphoria – Anthony Coleman - RSYS
  2. Game Set – Craig Roberts - RANSA
  3. Hell Razer – Ian MacDiarmid – RSYS

Division 2  

  1. Jessica Rabbit – Bruce Millar - CYCA
  2. Silky – Tony Hirst - RANSA
  3. Campeador – Jonathan Threlfall - RSYS

Division 3

  1. Esquisse 2 – Richard Staines - RANSA
  2. Loose Change – Michael Bleakley - BSC
  3. Capriccio – Tony Craven - RANSA

Non-Spinnaker Division

  1. Til The Fat Lady Sings – David Smith - RANSA
  2. A Bus – Andrew Goldfinch - RPEYC
  3. Sahara – Jeff Muscat – RPEYC


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By Angus Olding

Mooloolaba Success

Over the long weekend 39 of the best Etchells teams congregated in Mooloolaba for the highly competitive 2017 Line 7 Etchells Australasian Championship. Representing RSYS were: Iron Lotus, Yandoo XX, Great White Hunter and Shindig, with several more Members crewing aboard other boats. Congratulations to James Mayo aboard the winning boat Magpie (pictured below) and to Tom King, David Edwards, Owen McMahon and Ivan Wheen on Iron Lotus (above) who finished 2nd overall.

Ivan Wheen commented: “The Etchells Australasian Championship has had a history of either balmy or very inclement weather. The 2017 regatta was forecast to be wild and woolly, so we took every bit of gear we owned including the kitchen sink - but it ended up mild and sunny with breezes under 20 knots. The Mooloolaba Yacht Club put on a great show on the water with the Wilson brothers giving us seven solid races, and each evening the club hosted some great get togethers. 

"The competition in this class is definitely not getting any easier, and it was clear that the crew of Magpie, Graham Taylor (G.T), Steve Jarvin (Mothy) and James Mayo (Nugget), had been training and were in a league above all the other crews. They won the regatta with a great display of boat speed and boat handling which was especially evident during the last race when they started very deep and relentlessly chipped away at the fleet and claimed second place in that race and a win for the regatta. Hats off the the Magpie crew, it was a well deserved win," he added.

The 2018 Worlds will be held in Brisbane from 17-27 October, and the Iron Lotus crew, along with many of our RSYS Etchells competitors, are looking forward to crossing swords with all the usual suspects between now and then.


RSYS Results:

2nd – IRON LOTUS (1442) – Tom King, Ivan Wheen, Owen McMahon and David Edwards

12th – YANDOO XX (868) – Jeanne-Claude Strong, Seve Jarvin, Marcus Burke, Tiana Wittey

15th – GREAT WHITE HUNTER (1401) – David Dunn, Andrew Howe, Michael Coxon

21st – SHINDIG (1268) – Robert Weir, Mike Tyquin, Paul Thackray


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By Angus Olding
Photography by Alex McKinnon

RC Dragonforce Winter Series

RSYS kick-started its winter championship for the newest fleet at our Club: the RC Dragonforce 65s on Sunday 4 June. Towards the end of the summer program, Old Huey hadn’t been too kind, so everyone was keen to get some races in. The weather gods seemed to play fair with the fleet allowing a beautiful North Westerly to blow straight down between the shoreline and the Elliott 7 arm of the Pond. With the ROs wary of Huey running out of steam, they set a Windward Leeward course with the new-found committee boat (one of RSYS’s semi inflatable row boats.)

The racing ended up a bit like the Louis Vuitton Americas Cup, with Mischief and the fuel wharf creating a boxed-in start line, causing many a sailor to try and keep out of trouble and more importantly remember the rules of the road. There were a few Ben Ainsley-like moments to be had.

The first race got off to a cracking start in a light 5-8 knot breeze that was dominated by the Burgess brothers again setting the pace. Big improver John Vickery set off after them with some new found pace and challenged them all the way around the course. In the end, it ended with Phil first followed by Kel and John.

The next few races saw the wind hold and places swap, however there was always at least one Burgess up the front leading the way. Stuart Thorpe found his groove eventually and showed some of the pace that made him a threat towards the end of the summer, while summer champion runner-up Locky had a bit of a shocker until eventually coming good with some results in race 4 and 5; he claims he was waiting for the coffee to kick in so he could function... 

It was great to see a few newcomers enter the racing, and we would like to welcome Brian Shirvington to the fleet.

We will hold a training day in the Pond at 9.45am for a 10am start on Sunday 18 June, with marks laid for those wanting to practise. The next race day is at 9.45am for a 10am start on Sunday 9 July.

For more information please email Locky on

Combined Winter Series Race 5

Saturday 3 June was race five of the Combined Winter Series hosted by RANSA, SASC and RSYS. Unlike like recent weeks, Sydney Harbour displayed some more typical winter weather conditions for racing. Strong and cold South/South-West winds put a sting in the air, yet also provided solid wind strengths which we haven’t had for a while. Despite the weather, 87 boats competed on Saturday, fostering competitive racing for all divisions. This was particularly evident in division 2, where Purple Patch, Plan A and Campeador all finished within 25 seconds of each other.


Podium Results (PHS): 

Super 30  

  1. Hotspur 2 – Bill Hogan – SASC
  2. Very Tasty – A Chase / A Turk / A Mather – SASC
  3. Flying Brandy – Marco Tapia - SASC


  1. Woodwind – Belinda Tayler – SASC
  2. Makama – Chris Gosselin – RPEYC
  3. Tamaris – Greg Sproule - SASC

Division 1

  1. Hell Razer – Ian MacDiarmid – RSYS
  2. Euphoria – Anthony Coleman - RSYS
  3. Arch Nemesis – Jeff Taylor - RANSA

Division 2  

  1. Moonbeam – Bart Foley – SASC
  2. Purple Patch – Jervis Tilly – RSYS
  3. Solange – W Hutchinson / T Carroll / A King - RSYS

Division 3

  1. Kermitted – M Wicks & J Kennedy – RANSA
  2. Beowulf – Stafford Watts – RSYS
  3. Zeus II – Jim Dunstan - RSYS

Non-Spinnaker Division

  1. Sahara – Jeff Muscat – RPEYC
  2. Sylvara – Dave Giddings – RANSA
  3. Flying Circus – John Greenwood - RSYS


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By Angus Olding


155th Annual Season Prize-giving

On Friday 2 June the Squadron hosted its 155th annual season prize giving for the 2016/17 season. The night started with a pleasant dinner in the Careening Cove for most attendees, before the awards presentation at 8pm. The evening attracted a capacity crowd who spilled out of the Carabella Room. The night not only awarded the boats and crews which excelled throughout the season but also recognised the important volunteer teams and the Sailing Office staff without whom we would'nt be able to get onto the water.

Commodore Chapman described his satisfaction with all aspects of sailing at the Squadron throughout the last season and his excitement for the next. He also expressed his enthusiasm for the current Combined Winter Series which now includes RPEYC,

“The format combines the racing from four harbour clubs; boats that have been sharing the harbour for years are now able to compete together.” 

The evening was a great success. Congratulations to all those who were involved in the past season. Listed below are the tropy winners and first place getters from the prize giving.


Yachtswoman of the Year

Jeanne-Claude Strong (pictured above)

Yachtsman of the Year

Rob Lowndes (pictured top)

Flag Officers Crewperson of the Year

David Chapman 


Division 1




I Super

Peter Campbell

Varuna Trophy


Charles Curran

Duke of Gloucester Cup


Richard Barron &
Stephen Sanlorenzo

Perseverance Trophy
Geoff Lee Trophy
Norn Cup
Milson Silver Jug

Jackie Clare

Geoff Davidson

1st Spring series
1st Main series 
1st Summer series
Boomerang Cup


Division 2





Jonathan Threlfall

1st Spring series


Trevor Carroll, Andy King
& Will Hutchinson

1st Short Inshore series


David Matthews

1st Main series
1st Summer series
Milson Silver Tray
J A V Minnett Memorial Cup

Jim Dunstan 

Division 3





Stafford Watts

The L F (Livvy) Mann Trophy

Kirsten II

Ken Chase &
John Bowman

1st Spring Series
1st Short Inshore series
Tarring Cup

Zeus II

Jim Dunstan

1st Main series
1st Summer series
The Flag Officer Race Trophy
Xarifa Teapot

Sunday Series




Gail Force

Graeme Smith

1st Place Sunday series






Northern Havoc

Michael Coxon &
Iain Murray

Eaton Cup

Iron Lotus

Julian Plante

Milson Silver Goblets


Doug McGain &
Michael O’Brien

1st Spring series
Jim Annand Trophy


Paul Grundy, David Baker
& Michael Bellingham

1st Handicap series
1st Summer series
Phil Pearce Memorial Trophy

Top 40

G Bonouvrie &
P Merrington

1st Mini Regatta series, 1st Mini Regatta series HCP, Etchells Mini Regatta Trophy, The Ted Albert Memorial Trophy


Christian Brook &
Ant Elliott

1st Main series
1st Club Championship series
John “Choco” Winning Memorial Plate
Xarifa Chalice







Gavin Moss

1st Summer series


Richard Franklin

1st Mini Regatta series HCP
Era Cup


Jim Hawkins &
Andrew Howe


Eleanor Wickenden &
Nick Howe

1st Main series
1st Handicap series

Elaine Rowntree Trophy
Colin Venables Crew Trophy
Archie Robertson Trophy
Alan Jarman Trophy


Gordon Ingate

1st Spring series
1st Mini Regatta series
1st NSW Championship
Jock Carr Memorial Cup
Prince Philip Cup
Dragon Gold Cup
William Eric Hamilton Strain Trophy


Miss Pibb







Ariane Ritchie

1st Australian Championship HCP


Mitch Evans &
Nick Rozenauers

Yngling Gold Cup


Gary Wogas

1st Mini Regatta series HCP


Ruth McCance

1st NSW Championship
The Malcolm Barlow Trophy


Karyn Gojnich

1st Mini Regatta series
Sirocco Trophy
King Haakons Cup


Jan Newland &
Warrick Back

1st Summer series

Miss Pibb

Hamish Jarrett &
Max Hayman

1st Spring series
1st Australian Championship
1st Main series
1st Scratch series
Jan H Linge Trophy
Rupert McCurrich Fire Truck Trophy
Royal Temple Yacht Club Trophy
The 200 Trophy






Tim Ryan

1st Mini Regatta series


Andrew Pearse

1st Mini Regatta PHS


Short Ocean Pointscore




The Goat

Sebastian Bohm

1st Milson Memorial Cup PHS & IRC


S Rahilly &
J Pelly

1st Milson Memorial Cup Div 2
RTYC Eddystone Lighthouse Trophy
1st Gascoigne Cup IRC Div 2

China Easyway

Travis Read

1st Gascoigne Cup Div 2
Thelma Plate


Peter Sorensen

1st Gascoigne Cup PHS &IRC
Gascoigne Cup


Jack Stening &
Col Gunn

1st Morna Cup PHS & IRC Division 2
G Carter Trophy

Occasional Coarse Language Too

Warick Sherman

1st Morna Cup PHS & IRC


Tuesday Twilight series





Anna Connery

1st Main series (Ladies division)
Jan Rowed Memorial Trophy
The Gypsy Moth Trophy

As You Do

Ross Littlewood

1st Main series (Open division)

Miss Pibb

Angelica Vaness

1st Main series (Yngling & Elliott div)
The Lady Helm Trophy


Sara Ladd

The Bluebird Trophy


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