Speaker Event 'Lying for the Admiralty'

Starting on 14 March 2019 18:30:00


'Lying for the Admiralty' with Margaret Cameron-Ash

Our speaker is Margaret Cameron-Ash, author of 'Lying for the Admiralty: Captain Cook's Endeavour Voyage'.

Margaret has made an excellent circumstantial case that Captain Cook was under orders not to reveal his best discoveries of New Holland. 
Why didn’t he mention Port Jackson? Future voyagers apparently knew all its features!
What happened to Bass Strait? It is inconceivable that the Greatest Navigator of the Age would miss this.
No – Cook's voyage is best understood in the light of the furious rivalry between the French and British in the South Seas.
This book has been hailed a ‘cartographical thriller’, and indeed it is!

Margaret Cameron-Ash is a lawyer, a former visiting fellow at the University of NSW and the author of 'Supreme and District Courts Practice' (1982, Law Book Co). After working as a lawyer in Sydney and London, she widened her area of research to include early Australian history in the politics of Europe, with a special interest in cartography. Margaret's most recent publication is 'Lying for the Admiralty: Captain Cook's Endeavour Voyage' (2018, Rosenberg Publishing).

Event Details

Date:  Thursday 14 March
Time:  6.30pm for 7pm
Venue: Carabella Room
Cost:  $85, includes two courses & wines

NB parties of eight or more will be allocated their own table/s. Smaller parties may be grouped on a Club table. 




NB This event is open to RSYS Members and their guests.