DF65s Boatshed Challenge

The big RSYS Boatshed Challenge was held last Wednesday using the Dragonforce65s loaned by our Radio Sailing Division owners.

It started out as a team building exercise and quickly developed into a fun event with plenty of banter, shouting and a few beers. The racing was very close and we were amazed how easily these boats sail and how close the One Design racing is.


These photos showcase the beautiful RSYS location and the ideal sailing location. Bragging rights went to Max on a countback from Justin.

  1. Max 23 pts (countback on more wins)
  2. Justin 23
  3. Robbie 24
  4. Alex 32
  5. George 34

Thanks to all the DF65 owners who loaned their boats for the Challenge and Bruce McArthur for being RO. The Boatshed team are keen for a rematch, so will organise another event  in the coming months.

By Phil Burgess