RSYS success at HIRW

Squadron Members have enjoyed significant results at Hamilton Island Race Week which concluded on 24 August.

David and Jill Henry's Sweet Chariot raced in HI Division 5 comprising 28 boats, securing one first place and two thirds resulting in 4th overall, 'A result which delighted us,' said Jill. 'We had frenetic starts every day and a chaotic finish on Day 5 as several divisions converged on the finish line in very light air. As the wind lightens, Sweet Chariot struggles, but great crew work and helming saw us secure first place in the final race which had nothing over 10 knotsā€¦So you can image our surprise!'

Sweet Charioteers: Graeme & Sharron Kennedy, Jill & David Henry, Macca Paton, Mark Brown


Paul Clitheroe's Balance raced in IRC Division 1 and came 4th behind Hooligan, Ichi Ban and Alive, 'An honest result for us.' according to Paul, who added that 'racing with the 100 footers Wild oats and Blackjack was quite an experience. We had some great racing, beating Hooligan in the last race and the three TPs finishing within 10 seconds of each other after a four hour race on Friday.'

The Balance crew


Final results

IRC Div 1
Marcus Blackmore, Hooligan 1st
Matt Allen, Ichi Ban 2nd
Paul Clitheroe, Balance 4th 

IRC Div 2
Ray Roberts, Team Hollywood 1st
Darryl Hodgkinson, Victoire 2nd
Julian Farren-Price, About Time 3rd

IRC Div 3 
Peter Williams, Erica 2nd
David Griffiths/Doug Flynn,Yarrandi 3rd
Joseph Earl, Merlin 5th

PHS Div 3
Ian Macdiarmid, Hellrazer 4th

PHS Div 5
David Henry, Sweet Chariot  4th


View final results here

Next up Magnetic Island Race Week! If you are participating, please let the Sailing Office know.


Top photo HIRW Media