ICOYC regatta in Marblehead, Massachusetts

The Eastern Yacht Club in Marblehead, Massachusetts USA is seeking expressions of interest from teams wanting to compete in a J70 regatta to be held off Marblehead from 2 to 6 September 2019. The event is open to club teams made up of Category 1 sailors. The regatta will also feature an extensive social programme for partners.

If you are interested in sending a team for or further information please contact the sailing office.

RSYS is a member of the International Council of Yacht Clubs, and in recent years a number of our Members have travelled overseas to participate in various cruises and rallies. Indeed 13 Squadron Members are presently making their way to Vancouver to join the ICOYC Cruise to the British Columbia Sunshine Coast taking place from 3-13 September.

Find out more about the ICOYC here

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