ICOYC Cruise British Columbia

This year’s International Committee Of Yacht Clubs cruise will visit British Columbia from 3-13 September. The fleet will comprise 25 boats, both power and sail. Crews come from the Seattle YC and Royal Vancouver Yacht Club together with members of ICOYC yacht clubs from around the world including Royal Southern YC on the Solent and three from our own RSYS.

Members from the Squadron include David & Jill Henry, John & Robbie Hancox, James & Gaila Merrington, David & Sarah Salt, Peter Hemery & Pamela Hennessy, Richard & Sandy Lawson, and Rob Anderson along with several friends. The Salts, the Lawsons and Hemery participated in a previous ICOYC Cruise on the Chesapeake Bay in 2015 which was an outstanding event. 

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