Yngling Australian Championship

Congratulations to Hamish Jarrett, Max Haymen and Chris Pearson, sailing on Miss Pibb, who have taken out the 2017 International Yngling Australian Championship sailed at RSYS over the weekend.  

With extremely close racing throughout the regatta, the crew aboard Evie: Karyn Gojnich, Ruth McCance and Sara Ladd, battled hard to secure second place, only one point behind the leaders. Third overall was Gary Pearce, Ellis Todres and Ellen Sijtsma on Black Adder.

The first day of racing saw challenging conditions with the combination of 22 kts from the NNE and an outgoing tide against the wind creating some great waves for the fleet to surf downwind. However after two races, and the wind building, PRO Jim Hawkins made an appropriate decision and abandoned the third race of the day.

Day two of racing saw a battle between the leading boats with Evie and Miss Pibb alternating first place in the three races sailed. However it was the unexpected squall from the NW with gusts to 39 knots that created havoc for all boats caught out on the water. With spinnakers still flying on several Ynglings, the extreme change in wind strength and direction saw many boats in trouble and taking on water. The finish line was close to Point Piper and there was little the boats could do to avoid the rocks off the point.

Adam Tran commented, 'Troika was sideways for quite a while and we took a long time to recover, but we eventually sailed most of the way back to the Club. Fergus Ly, Jonathan Doig and I handled the situation extremely well and came together as a team.'

Assistance from Geoff and Ros Jarret on Hands Off, and Clare Alexander on the Double Bay support boat ensured all crews were safe, however Shining Star, Holly, and Wyndot all sustained major damage.

The final day of racing saw another challenge: an unstable north westerly delayed racing until 2pm when the north easterly settled in at 12 to 15 kts allowing the final three races to be sailed.

In the PHS results the overall winner was Spiral sailor Maria Nash, sailing her first Yngling regatta, with Michael Nash and Katherine Coad on AUS25 Lou. Second was Troika with Adam Tran, Fergus Ly and Jonathan Doig, and third overall on Karma was Gary Wogas, Cameron Sloey and Nicola Sloey.

The regatta was a huge success for the Yngling class; we were pleased to welcome new sailors to the class: Amberley and Luke Carmichael, Tyler Johnson, Maria Nash, Katherine Coad, Philip Dohna, Kat Wotherspoon and Guy Bashford.

Pos    Pts       Name
1      15.00    Miss Pibb    
2      16.00    Evie    
3      28.00    Blackadder    
4      32.00    Karma    
5      35.00    Lou    
6      64.00    Wyandot    
7      66.00    Soria    
8      69.00    Yertle    
9      71.00    Shining Star    
10    73.00    Troika    
11    74.00    Holly

Pos    Pts      Name
1      32.50    Evie    
2      35.00    Blackadder    
3      35.50    Miss Pibb    
4      40.00    Lou    
5      42.00    Troika    
6      43.00    Karma    
7      50.00    Shining Star    
8      55.00    Wyandot    
9      61.00    Yertle    
10    71.00    Holly    
11    78.00    Soria


Article and photos by Karyn Gojnich