RC Dragonforce Winter Series

RSYS kick-started its winter championship for the newest fleet at our Club: the RC Dragonforce 65s on Sunday 4 June. Towards the end of the summer program, Old Huey hadn’t been too kind, so everyone was keen to get some races in. The weather gods seemed to play fair with the fleet allowing a beautiful North Westerly to blow straight down between the shoreline and the Elliott 7 arm of the Pond. With the ROs wary of Huey running out of steam, they set a Windward Leeward course with the new-found committee boat (one of RSYS’s semi inflatable row boats.)

The racing ended up a bit like the Louis Vuitton Americas Cup, with Mischief and the fuel wharf creating a boxed-in start line, causing many a sailor to try and keep out of trouble and more importantly remember the rules of the road. There were a few Ben Ainsley-like moments to be had.

The first race got off to a cracking start in a light 5-8 knot breeze that was dominated by the Burgess brothers again setting the pace. Big improver John Vickery set off after them with some new found pace and challenged them all the way around the course. In the end, it ended with Phil first followed by Kel and John.

The next few races saw the wind hold and places swap, however there was always at least one Burgess up the front leading the way. Stuart Thorpe found his groove eventually and showed some of the pace that made him a threat towards the end of the summer, while summer champion runner-up Locky had a bit of a shocker until eventually coming good with some results in race 4 and 5; he claims he was waiting for the coffee to kick in so he could function... 

It was great to see a few newcomers enter the racing, and we would like to welcome Brian Shirvington to the fleet.

We will hold a training day in the Pond at 9.45am for a 10am start on Sunday 18 June, with marks laid for those wanting to practise. The next race day is at 9.45am for a 10am start on Sunday 9 July.

For more information please email Locky on