Varuna Trophy

The prestigious Varuna Trophy race was held on Saturday 8 April. The wind direction on the day, once established, was a solid North-Easterly, reaching strengths of around 15 knots. The course was approximately 11 miles long which created a great couple of hours racing for all competitors. The day was topped off by the very pleasant, warm and sunny weather.

Racing on the day was very close, especially between Jackie Clare and Willyama. Both boats fought it out the whole day; yet in the end, Jackie Clare was able finish nine seconds before Willyama. Congratulations to all who participated and to I Super who won the Varuna Trophy. The trophy will be awarded at the Annual Prizegiving on Friday 2 June.



  1. I Super – Peter Campbell
  2. Kirsten II – Ken Chase / John Bowman
  3. Jackie Clare – Geoff Davidson
  4. Willyama – Barron / Stanley / Sanlorenzo
  5. Ultreya – Rod Pearse

By Angus Olding