Cruise 2014 - Race 1 Abandoned Saturday 12th April 2014.

Dear Competitors,
Sadly the forecast weather has got worse and the once slight chance of strong to gale force winds from the south has now materialised across all weather modelling systems.
Clouds Badham forecast is as follows;
The trough system moving across NSW has increased speed and a low pressure system will develop off the far south coast of NSW this morning. The low will then move NNE to be off the Sydney and then central coast tomorrow (Saturday)  and then move further away to be over the central Tasman later Sunday. 
The movement of the low pressure system up the coast tonight and tomorrow will generate SSW winds along the NSW coast tomorrow, slowly easing back Sunday.
A second burst of strong to gale force S-SE winds is now likely mid to later in the week – with the same low pressure system still operating over the central to eastern Tasman Sea. This is not yet certain and depends on the remnants of TC ITA that are now forecast to join with the low over the Tasman Sea.
SW/20-30 increasing SW/30-35 inshore and SW/30-40 offshore
SW tending SSW-S overnight
2m waves increasing 2-3m in close and 3-4m immediately offshore on a 1m SE swell 
A few showers, mainly afternoon
SW-S/20-30 easing to S/20-25
2-3m seas on a 1-2m S swell
A few showers
Sadly Cloud’s forecast marries up with all other forecasts from other organizations and after waiting for later forecast the situation has not improved.
Therefore the Race Committee has abandoned tomorrows scheduled 10am Race (Saturday 12th April).
For the information of all competitors the following has been agreed to by the race committee;
  1. Saturday 12th April Race is abandoned due to adverse weather and sea conditions.
  2. The intended mooring location for those in Pittwater on Saturday evening is now Refuge Bay. There unfortunately will be no organized BBQ.
  3. Race 2 on Sunday 13th April will be delayed until roughly 1400hrs to allow for late competitor arrival and the weather to settle. Please be aware that this may change.  
  4. All competitors are now asked to make their own way to Pittwater. 
CAUTION: Competitors should take suitable precautions while travelling to Pittwater in unstable weather. Competitors should ensure they have suitably experienced crew for the conditions. All care should be taken in reading up-to-date weather forecasting information and be aware that conditions can deteriorate without warning.
The Cruise Committee & Race Committee apologize for any inconvenience and it is their intention to resume the Cruise and racing as soon as weather and conditions allow.
Should anyone have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the sailing office.
Chris Stone - RSYS Sailing Manager