International Fleet Review Road Closures & Traffic Restrictions

IFR Road Closures & Traffic Restrictions:

Kirribilli Peninsula traffic restrictions commences at 3.00pm. Further information on the pennisula closures can be found here.

Members who are already inside wishing to leave may do so freely until 6.00pm ie. Members booked for the daytime functions do not need a traffic letter.  If members unsure of their time of exit they can collect a letter on the day from Reception.

Members wishing to enter the peninsula between 3 – 6pm will need an original copy of the letter signed by CEO (available from Reception).

No access in or out of the peninsula will be allowed between 6 – 11pm.  Once Members are in for the evening functions they will not be allowed to leave until then.

Parking is for Members only, guests will need to find alternate forms of transport. Please note photocopies of the access letter will not be accepted by authorities..

For the latest traffic information including road closures and special event clearways visit Fleet Review Transport info website or call 132 701.

For timetables, maps and trip planning use the Fleet Review Transport info website or call 131 500.