Revised notice on Waterfront access


Update from the General Committee

Dear Members,

As you all know, we are in a rapidly changing environment. Your General Committee is endeavouring to protect Members and their families, as well as staff and contractors, from the worst-case scenario of loss of life in our community.

Last Friday we issued some guidelines relating to our Waterfront amenities. This was based on our interpretation of current legislation and our wish to comply with the overarching ethos of protecting the broader community and in particular our front-line emergency services and medical professionals.

It is still the General Committee’s belief that if you don’t need to be out, you should stay at home and not go to the Squadron.

Over the weekend we received some constructive feedback from Members who are concerned about being able to undertake essential upkeep on their personal property across the dinghy storage, Hardstand and swing moorings. After deliberation, we wish to re-calibrate our communication as follows:

The tender service will operate from the outer pontoon seven days a week during Waterfront operating hours (listed below). The pick-up area will be clearly marked with signage. Due to government-enforced social distancing regulations, the tender is limited to one passenger and one vessel skipper. We kindly ask that you are patient with our Waterfront staff who are running the tender service and maintain social distancing whilst waiting. Please call 9017 0161 on approach to minimise the wait. 

We are not able to guarantee that the Walker Bay dinghies can be adequately sanitised and safe to use. They will not be available for the time being.

Members requiring access to Hardstand vessels may do so during Waterfront operating hours. We ask that you call ahead so that we can plan and manage social distancing. 
This week: Monday – Thursday   7.30am – 4pm
Easter long weekend: Friday – Monday   8am – 5pm
Thereafter: weekdays 7.30am – 4pm, weekends   8am – 5pm. 

Members may access their storage lockers in the Members’ Shed, however please comply with the social distancing rules, be prompt and do not touch any items except your own. Members may not conduct DIY work in the Members’ Shed for the time being.

We would reiterate that:

The Pond is closed other than as a safe haven in emergencies

No DIY work is permitted in the Pond or in the Yard.

We can confirm that we are investigating the possibility of financial concessions in respect of dinghy storage, Hardstand and swing moorings. We hope to advise you of any concessions shortly, based on our financial modeling and our work in seeking rent reductions from the relevant government authorities.  

Whilst we respect our Members' ability to make considered decisions regarding their safety, and to interpret Government regulations and guidelines, we also take seriously our duty of care to Members, staff and contractors, and ask for your assistance by adhering to these policy changes.

The General Committee