Letter from the General Committee


Dear Members,

Your General Committee has been meeting regularly to discuss the ramifications of the Government’s latest announcements. We deliberated the MIA, BIA, RMS, Health NSW and our own legal advice, and agreed we should be guided by the primary intent of the regulations. Government imposed isolation restrictions are structured to keep people at home, keep them safe and reduce the anticipated load on our health system. The safety of our Members, staff and community is our priority and the primary factor in our decisions.

In light of these developments, RSYS infrastructure will be available to facilitate access to your boat only for emergency access and only to transport the skipper to prepare for the months ahead.

From Tuesday 7 April:

  • The Pond will be closed
  • Tender service will not operate
  • RSYS dinghies will be stored away
  • Members’ own dinghies, Zodiacs etc. may not be launched from RSYS premises
  • Access to moorings, Hardstand, dinghy storage etc. will be restricted
  • Fuel service will cease to operate
  • DIY and contractors work on the Hardstand and Pond will not be permitted

There are exceptions however: RSYS premises may be used as a safe haven in an emergency, and you may drop off your boat for pre-arranged RSYS boat repairs/essential maintenance (Note this may change). In this event, you should vacate the hardstand as soon as practical.

We appreciate that Members may want to access or even remove their boats before the above edict is in place. This will need to be a coordinated activity to reduce the number of people on site. Louise Alves from our Waterfront operations will be coordinating this activity for Yachts, Hardstand boats and Dinghies.  Times will need to be confirmed with Louise to ensure that we follow the social distancing rules and do not have too many people at the Club at any one time. Members are invited to book a two hour slot between the following times:

Saturday 4 April until Tuesday 7 April from 8am - 5pm

Tenders will only be able take one Member at a time.  Louise can be contacted by email louise@rsys.com.au or call 02 9017 0161.

On a more positive note, our Waterfront staff are on hand to offer the following services to Members with boats on the Hardstand, RSYS moorings and those who are signed up to the RSYS Tender service.

  • Complimentary daily visual inspection. The Waterfront Manager will contact you for further instruction/permission should any issue be observed.
  • We are working on a program to have staff board your vessel and start your engine, check the bilge and batteries, please let us know how we can help.
  • The Boatshed remains open for all your maintenance and repair needs. The team has undertaken an intensive program of cleaning and realigned staff shifts to minimise any risks associated with the work environment.

Please contact Ned Brown to arrange an onboard inspection ned@rsys.com.au or 02 9017 0161.

Your Club will monitor all Government announcements and Members will be contacted if there are any material changes that will safely allow a change to the Squadron’s policy.


The General Committee