Match racing update

One of the Squadron’s Keelboat Program teams competed at the 2019 Musto International Match Racing Championship held by the CYCA in Rushcutters Bay. This was the second event for our team after their successful completion of 'The Harken' at RPAYC the week prior.

Led by Jed Cruickshank, the team, comprising Jack Littlechild, Charlotte Alexander, Jameson Prescott and Aiden Mansley, started the event strongly and held their own against some of the best sailors on the youth circuit, including last year's RSYS Hardy Cup winner Nick Egnot-Johnson.

Unfortunately, exhaustion from racing for 10 days straight eventually got the better of the team and they struggled to maintain their performance in the final two days of racing. Jed and his team ended the regatta in 12th overall but have placed themselves in a very good position in the lead up the Hardy Cup which will run at the Squadron from 2-6 February 2020. 

By Zac Quinlan

Photos CYCA Media