Revised notice on Waterfront access


Update from the General Committee

Dear Members,

As you all know, we are in a rapidly changing environment. Your General Committee is endeavouring to protect Members and their families, as well as staff and contractors, from the worst-case scenario of loss of life in our community.

Last Friday we issued some guidelines relating to our Waterfront amenities. This was based on our interpretation of current legislation and our wish to comply with the overarching ethos of protecting the broader community and in particular our front-line emergency services and medical professionals.

It is still the General Committee’s belief that if you don’t need to be out, you should stay at home and not go to the Squadron.

Over the weekend we received some constructive feedback from Members who are concerned about being able to undertake essential upkeep on their personal property across the dinghy storage, Hardstand and swing moorings. After deliberation, we wish to re-calibrate our communication as follows:

The tender service will operate from the outer pontoon seven days a week during Waterfront operating hours (listed below). The pick-up area will be clearly marked with signage. Due to government-enforced social distancing regulations, the tender is limited to one passenger and one vessel skipper. We kindly ask that you are patient with our Waterfront staff who are running the tender service and maintain social distancing whilst waiting. Please call 9017 0161 on approach to minimise the wait. 

We are not able to guarantee that the Walker Bay dinghies can be adequately sanitised and safe to use. They will not be available for the time being.

Members requiring access to Hardstand vessels may do so during Waterfront operating hours. We ask that you call ahead so that we can plan and manage social distancing. 
This week: Monday – Thursday   7.30am – 4pm
Easter long weekend: Friday – Monday   8am – 5pm
Thereafter: weekdays 7.30am – 4pm, weekends   8am – 5pm. 

Members may access their storage lockers in the Members’ Shed, however please comply with the social distancing rules, be prompt and do not touch any items except your own. Members may not conduct DIY work in the Members’ Shed for the time being.

We would reiterate that:

The Pond is closed other than as a safe haven in emergencies

No DIY work is permitted in the Pond or in the Yard.

We can confirm that we are investigating the possibility of financial concessions in respect of dinghy storage, Hardstand and swing moorings. We hope to advise you of any concessions shortly, based on our financial modeling and our work in seeking rent reductions from the relevant government authorities.  

Whilst we respect our Members' ability to make considered decisions regarding their safety, and to interpret Government regulations and guidelines, we also take seriously our duty of care to Members, staff and contractors, and ask for your assistance by adhering to these policy changes.

The General Committee



Tips for vessel hibernation

By RSYS Waterfront Manager Ned Brown

Here is a useful check-list if you are concerned about your boat's wellbeing during the period ahead.

Check all mooring lines are secured properly. Consider setting up a back-up line from the mooring loop to a cabin or cockpit winch.

Ensure all sea-cocks and thru-hull fittings are closed. Ensure hoses and drains have been cleared.

Make sure battery switches are turned to the OFF position, and that battery terminals are clean and connections are not loose. If you have a solar charging system, make sure connections are in good condition and batteries are receiving charge. If you don’t have a solar system, solar “trickle chargers” are an affordable way to help keep your batteries topped up. They can be placed on your vessel and connected to your batteries via alligator clips. These are available from Whitworths and other marine outlets.

Check bilge pumps and float switches are in good working order. Check pumps on both manual and automatic settings.

If you have hard antifoul applied to your vessel’s hull (Ultra 2, VC Offshore, Vivid), you may want to contact a hull diver to wipe down the hull every 4-6 weeks. Most hull divers will be available through the lockdown.

Ablative antifouls (Micron Extra, Altex no.5 and Altex no.5 Plus) should require little maintenance, so long as your vessel has been antifouled in the last 12 months.

If you’re unsure what type of antifoul is on your vessel, contact us and we can assist.

Propspeed is a great product for your vessel’s running gear but requires regular use for maximum performance. Propspeed is not designed to sit stagnant or be scraped or scrubbed by a diver. If possible, you can put your engine into forward and reverse a few times every 2-4 weeks. This will throw off any growth that might begin to accumulate on your propeller.

Check hoses for signs of deterioration.

If possible fill diesel vessels with fuel. The more oxygen present in your fuel tank, the higher the likelihood of your tank developing diesel bug, which can cause complications in the future. There are diesel additives that can help prevent diesel bug.

Ensure anodes are present. If anodes are needed, contact us ASAP so that we can organise.

Remove all food items, bottles and cans containing liquids, bedding and clothes.

Clean fridges and freezers, leave doors propped open.


The RSYS Waterfront team are on hand to assist Members in any way.
Please call Ned or Louise in the office on 9017 0161 or email

Letter from the General Committee


Dear Members,

Your General Committee has been meeting regularly to discuss the ramifications of the Government’s latest announcements. We deliberated the MIA, BIA, RMS, Health NSW and our own legal advice, and agreed we should be guided by the primary intent of the regulations. Government imposed isolation restrictions are structured to keep people at home, keep them safe and reduce the anticipated load on our health system. The safety of our Members, staff and community is our priority and the primary factor in our decisions.

In light of these developments, RSYS infrastructure will be available to facilitate access to your boat only for emergency access and only to transport the skipper to prepare for the months ahead.

From Tuesday 7 April:

  • The Pond will be closed
  • Tender service will not operate
  • RSYS dinghies will be stored away
  • Members’ own dinghies, Zodiacs etc. may not be launched from RSYS premises
  • Access to moorings, Hardstand, dinghy storage etc. will be restricted
  • Fuel service will cease to operate
  • DIY and contractors work on the Hardstand and Pond will not be permitted

There are exceptions however: RSYS premises may be used as a safe haven in an emergency, and you may drop off your boat for pre-arranged RSYS boat repairs/essential maintenance (Note this may change). In this event, you should vacate the hardstand as soon as practical.

We appreciate that Members may want to access or even remove their boats before the above edict is in place. This will need to be a coordinated activity to reduce the number of people on site. Louise Alves from our Waterfront operations will be coordinating this activity for Yachts, Hardstand boats and Dinghies.  Times will need to be confirmed with Louise to ensure that we follow the social distancing rules and do not have too many people at the Club at any one time. Members are invited to book a two hour slot between the following times:

Saturday 4 April until Tuesday 7 April from 8am - 5pm

Tenders will only be able take one Member at a time.  Louise can be contacted by email or call 02 9017 0161.

On a more positive note, our Waterfront staff are on hand to offer the following services to Members with boats on the Hardstand, RSYS moorings and those who are signed up to the RSYS Tender service.

  • Complimentary daily visual inspection. The Waterfront Manager will contact you for further instruction/permission should any issue be observed.
  • We are working on a program to have staff board your vessel and start your engine, check the bilge and batteries, please let us know how we can help.
  • The Boatshed remains open for all your maintenance and repair needs. The team has undertaken an intensive program of cleaning and realigned staff shifts to minimise any risks associated with the work environment.

Please contact Ned Brown to arrange an onboard inspection or 02 9017 0161.

Your Club will monitor all Government announcements and Members will be contacted if there are any material changes that will safely allow a change to the Squadron’s policy.


The General Committee

Nominate your Sailor of the Year!

Let's recognise our top sailors!  

The RSYS Sailing Committee is calling upon Members to nominate an appropriate person for one of the five significant awards for the 2019-2020 sailing season. The time period for consideration for the award is 1 May 2019 to 30 April 2020. Those awards are: 

Yachtswoman of the Year 
Yachtsman of the Year  
Flag Officers' Crewperson of the Year
Youth Sailor of the Year
Ruth McCance Memorial Trophy new

If you know someone who you think should be acknowledged, please read the criteria for each award and complete the online nomination form. Your contribution would be very much appreciated.  Nominations close on Monday 4 May.

Annual Awards nomination 2020
For which award are you nominating? (select one from the drop-down menu)
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Nominee's name(*)
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Why do you think they should win this award?(*)
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Award Criteria

Yachtswoman of the Year - The Joanne Trophy
Donated to the club in memory of Mrs Joan Godfrey.  A sailor of more than 50 years she started out in VJs at Vaucluse, then in 12ft Skiffs and eventually in keelboats.  She was and enthusiast, deeply involved and an active participant rather than a spectator.  The trophy is to be awarded annually to a woman who, like Joan:

  • Sails regularly from the Squadron
  • Is, above all, enthusiastic, deeply involved and an active participant - even if her role be relatively unobtrusive

The activities can relate to any aspect of sailing from junior to family sailing.  It should preferably not be oriented towards, but not exclude, competitive sailing. There is no age limit. 

Yachtsman of the Year - The Idris Cup  
Donated to the club in memory of Mrs Idris Wolseley Picton-Clark, born in Sydney in 1894 to a pioneer family.  Mrs Clark was a life long devotee of both rowing and sailing. To be awarded to the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron amateur yachtsman or woman of the year.  In making the award the principal considerations are: 

  • Excellence in local, national and international sail competition
  • Demonstration of the art of good seamanship and sportsmanlike conduct

Flag Officers' Crewperson of the Year - Carabella Tray
This award will recognizes a Squadron member who has demonstrated a high level of commitment to their sailing and contributed to the success of their skipper in club and regatta events.

Youth Sailor of the Year
Criteria for this award, established in 2019 is: 

  •  Aged 25 or under as of April 30 in the year of nomination
  • Have a record of outstanding achievement in national and or international competition
  • Have followed a committed training program during the award year, and brought recognition to RSYS competitive sailing
  • Have demonstrated leadership and sportsmanship

Ruth McCance Memorial Trophy
In its inaugural year, this trophy will be awarded to the best sportsperson of the year at the club. This award embodies the spirit and traditions of the club and encompasses the love of competition, fare play, support of the sport of sailing and contribution to club life. The award shall be awarded by the sailing committee who shall consider following guidelines in its deliberations:

  • The winner shall be a member of the RSYS
  • The member shall embody the club values of Integrity, progressiveness, inclusiveness, respect and safety
  • The winner must have competed in a sailing event run by the RSYS in the award period
  • Shall demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship at all times. Their behaviour shall be ethical, appropriate, polite, and fair
  • Shall contribute to the development of the sport of sailing
  • Shall contribute to club life
  • Should display courage in what they undertake either in competition or service
  • The activities in the previous full club year, based on membership fee due date, shall be the basis of consideration.
  • A nominee may be professional however activities undertaken in a professional capacity will be excluded from consideration
  • Nominations shall be received from the general membership
  • Committee members are eligible for the award but they may not be nominated by a current member of any committee
  • A member may not self nominate.

Past Winners

Yachtsman of the Year

2018-19 Martin Hill
2017-18 Rupert Henry and Greg O'Shea
2015-16 Paul Clitheroe
2014-15 Roger Hickman

Yachtswoman of the Year

2018-19 Karyn Gojnich
2017-18 Maddie O'Shea
2016-17 Jeanne-Claude Strong
2015-16 Millie Brown
2014-15 Jeanne-Claude Strong

Crewperson of the Year

2018-19 Richard Allanson
2017-18 Will Ryan
2016-17 David Chapman 
2015-16 David Chapman
2014-15 David Chapman

Youth Sailor of the Year

2018-19 Brooke Wilson


New online take-away & delivery service

We are pleased to announce that the Squadron's Dine at Home Take-away and Home Delivery meals service is now available via our new online shop.

You may order from several menus; then simply select Take-away or Delivery, enter your details, preferred take-away or delivery time, click 'submit' ... and lay the table for a delicious meal!


New! FRESH FAMILY MEALS (Fully cooked & ready to reheat at home, serves 4)
All meals come with a fresh garden salad & a chocolate cremeaux & caramelized apple slice for dessert. Yum!

Seafood Pie $60
prawns, salmon, scallops, cod, saffron onion, soubise, Asian mushrooms

Moroccan Chicken $60
cous cous, coriander, sultanas, pine nuts, roast pumpkin, carrot, kumera, green olives

Pasta al Forno $60
Italian pork sausage & tomato ragu, penne, basil, roasted eggplant, mozzarella & parmigiano

Curried Lamb Biryani $60
basmati rice, tomato & cardamom curry, cucumber & mint raita


Please note

1. You will receive a confirmation email (if you don't, please check your Junk folder). 

2. All purchases will be billed to your Member House Account

3. Take-away: Please collect your order from the Northern Entrance (near the Main Bar) during the above hours. Please ring the bell and a staff member will meet you at the door. 
Monday to Friday, 3pm – 8pm, last orders 7.30pm.
Saturdays, 12pm – 2pm & 3pm – 8pm, last orders 7.30pm.
Sundays, 12 – 2pm

4. Deliveries: minimum order $25, delivery radius around 5km, orders must be paid for in advance. Our staff will knock at your door and drop your order, no cash accepted.

We also offer:

FROZEN MEALS  (single serve, heat & eat) 
FRESH PRODUCE  (two serves, cook at home)


Update from the General Committee


Dear Members,

Following the General Committee (GC) meeting last night, we thought it was very important to provide an update to all our Members on what was discussed and the current position of our Squadron.

Most of you no doubt are close enough to the news hitting us each day, however, we wish to share with you our current views upfront which are assisting with our decision making.

- Timing: We have all heard that this Pandemic will last for somewhere between 3 months (if we can flatten the height of the Bell-shaped curve through strict social distancing) to approximately 18 months (worst case of a scalable vaccine being implemented globally.) We all hope the issue of flattening the Bell-shaped curve plus the shortening of the length through fast work and great scientific minds occurs. In the meantime, your GC has explored and will continue to review all options, both the worst and best scenario. We are currently planning for a most likely scenario of approximately 6 months, with tightening Government restrictions in the meantime and ultimately these restrictions being lessened leading into our spring sailing season.

- The globe has seen pandemics before, some worse than others in scale, all having a devastating impact on the communities involved. But History says communities bounce back. We know this so well in our sailing community. To use a sailing analogy: Covid-19 is not just a black southerly buster coming through but could be like a tornado if we don’t all work individually and together to find solutions. So we must “batten down the hatches” and ride it out. We will survive this as a Club but we all must work both individually and together to ensure this.

- The Squadron is currently in a solid financial position. We have no debt and have built up cash reserves for the car park project of approximately $800,000. However, this cash position will not last even in the most likely scenario unless we dramatically curtail both operational and capital expenditure. In addition, with our now dramatically reduced operational revenues, we will have to turn to ensuring our Members' subscriptions due next month is consistent with our Club’s “Member for Life” philosophy. The GC has and will continue to prudentially manage your Club's finances.

- Our priority is how best to support our Members and staff through these difficult times. With the right planning and prioritising and all working together, we are confident that we can get through this situation and be ready to welcome you and your guests back to enjoy the Squadron as soon as allowed.

Current situation

As you will all be aware, our circumstances are changing on a daily basis. Regrettably, the last week has been one of the most difficult in the Squadron’s long history. The following points are important to note;

- Staffing: 

In the current environment with announcements daily from different levels of Government, we have been forced into closing parts of the Club. As a result, we had to stand down 70 staff. This was obviously extremely tough on our staff / management, and Members who knew many of these great individuals. The decision had to be made to protect the future of our Club and to also allow the staff to access the recently announced government support. We stood them down with the hope that one day they will be able to rejoin us if they so choose. We also provided a modest ex gratia to help them all until Government support kicks in next month. 

- Clubhouse, Waterfront and events:

The clubhouse is closed with the exception of the Cellar and the newly introduced frozen and ready to eat take away options. These are proving to be extremely popular, so please look at these online. We can arrange home delivery of these meals as well as anything from the cellar.

All Club events are now cancelled until 1st September.

Accounts and Administration will be generally working from home with minimal staff onsite.

All Sailing is cancelled including the “Academy” until further notice. This now includes the Combined Clubs Winter Series as well as the Winter Youth Programs.

The Waterfront operations are currently open, including the tender service, and we encourage our Members to make use of this facility now more than ever. We will be announcing a new service to Members shortly to check / service boats during this period. This may change in the future if further restrictions and definition of essential services are changed by the Government.

All Capital works have been deferred. Expenditure of the Car Park repairs project will be the first capital works project to be recommenced once we are in a financial position to do so.


We now need your support more than ever. We continue to look to our Members for support if possible, to renew their subscriptions. Our annual subscription renewals are due to be sent out mid next month. We appreciate that this is not the best timing, but are hopeful that our “Member for Life” philosophy will help us through this time. Please note the following;

The 2020/21 Membership rates will be frozen at the same level as 2019/20.

We remind our Members that they can pay on a monthly basis by direct deposit (this year without any administration charge.)

We plan to offer Members the opportunity to pay two years of subscriptions upfront at the 2020/2021 rate. This will not only significantly help our cash flow but will also be a discount for Members with no subscription increase in 2021/22 for those who pay in advance. We understand that not all Members will be able to take this up.

As a Club, we fully respect that everyone’s personal circumstances are different and we will continue to work through scenarios for dealing with the impact of this crisis on our Members. As part of the Squadron’s philosophy of “Membership for Life” the GC is examining options to support Members to continue with their membership until the Club is fully operational again. If any Members are experiencing difficulty, please contact the CEO or any of the Flag Officers, and the Finance Committee will consider any requests and make recommendations to the General Committee for sign off.

The Future

The GC are continuing to explore all the many ways that our Club can remain strong albeit under these exceptional circumstances. To this end, our Sub Committees will continue to meet on a regular basis. This is now happening electronically and has already started this week.

Over the next few months, we will be introducing some new online courses so that our Members continue to feel engaged and part of our wonderful community. We appreciate the great work all involved in RSYS communications and particularly Ms. Isabel Wartho. We are calling for help from any member with information technology “hands-on experience” in web mastering and social media platforms to support Isabel and the team. Please contact Will Pettigrew if anyone is interested.

Finally, as we mentioned above, these are challenging times which this current generation hasn’t seen before. We want to thank all our Members for their understanding and ongoing support. We must acknowledge and sincerely thank our Management team for being able to steer us through these recent headwinds. In particular, we would like to recognise the professional leadership of our CEO, William Pettigrew.

Please all stay healthy and reach out to other Members, and also to your GC Members if you need any assistance during this period.
The General Committee

Boatshed is open!

If you’re stuck at home and concerned about your boat, rest assured, the RSYS Waterfront team will keep a close watch on all Member boats in Careening Cove, Neutral Bay and Shell Cove. If your boat is on the Hardstand, we will check your cradle, covers and inspect bilges on a regular basis.  
For a small charge, we will board your yacht or motorboat, inspect the covers, check the batteries, run the engine, examine the bilges and bilge pumps and advise you of any issues. To book this service, please contact Louise Alves
Going for a sail? Our tender service is operating as usual, albeit with a maximum of 4 persons per vessel. Fuel is also available.
Why not take advantage of this quiet period to attend to repair and maintenance jobs? Our staff are on hand for anti-foul jobs, shipwright, electrical and mechanical work. Please submit a job request here 
We have undertaken an intensive program of cleaning and realigned staff shifts to minimise any risks associated with our work environment.
Please feel free to contact Ned or Louise on 02 9017 0161 if we can be of assistance. Our focus is supporting our Members and their vessels during this challenging time.
Stay safe. 
Ned, Louise and the Waterfront Team

Dine at Home

RSYS Take-away or Home Delivery Service

Dear Members, 

Do you miss your delicious meals at the Club? Are you alarmed by bare shops? Concerned about elderly relatives? Trying to feed the family? 

We are here to help! Chefs Ian McInnes and Sean Collett are cooking up delicious solutions for you - for take-away or home delivery.

Download our Dine at Home Menu here

1. To order, please call Reception on 9955 7171 during office hours or email Please quote your Member Number. 

2. Please collect your order from the Northern Entrance (near the Main Bar) during the above hours. Please ring the bell and a staff member will meet you at the door. 
Monday to Friday, 3pm – 8pm, last orders 7.30pm.
Saturdays, 12pm – 2pm & 3pm – 8pm, last orders 7.30pm.
Sundays, 12 – 2pm

3. Deliveries: minimum order $25, delivery radius 5km, orders must be paid for in advance. Our staff will knock at your door and drop your order, no cash accepted.

New! FRESH FAMILY MEALS (Fully cooked & ready to reheat at home, serves 4)

All meals served with a fresh garden salad & a chocolate cremeaux & caramelized apple slice for dessert

Seafood Pie $60
prawns, salmon, scallops, cod, saffron onion, soubise, asian mushrooms

Moroccan Chicken $60
cous cous, coriander, sultanas, pine nuts, roast pumpkin, carrot, kumera, green olives

Pasta al Forno $60
italian pork sausage & tomato ragu, penne, basil, roasted eggplant, mozzarella & parmigiano

Curried Lamb Biryani $60
basmati rice, tomato & cardamom curry, cucumber & mint raita

FROZEN MEALS  (single serve, heat & eat) 

New! Lamb Rogan Josh, Steamed Basmati Rice $13
New! Butter Chicken Cashew Nut Curry, Steamed Basmati Rice $10

Chilli Con Carne, Steamed Rice GF $10
Chicken Cacciatore with Penne Pasta $10
Beef & Mushroom Bourguignonne with Steamed Rice GF $13
Bolognaise Ragu with Penne Pasta  $10

Once defrosted, please consume within 3 days.

FRESH PRODUCE  (two serves, cook at home)

500gm Prime Grainge Beef Mince $10
2 x 250gm each Black Angus Sirloins, Café de Paris Butter $36
2 x 220gm each skin on Marinated Chicken Breast, Garlic & Herb, Olive Oil $22
2 x 200gm each Teriyaki Tasmanian Salmon Portions $26
4 x 150 gm Confit Duck Marylands $39


All menu options are available for Takeaway or Delivery (distance limits apply) at the following times:

Monday to Friday, 3 – 8pm
Saturdays, 12 – 2pm & 3 – 8pm
Sundays, 12 – 2pm


Grainge Beef Burger $17
cheddar, house pickles, iceberg lettuce, ancho chili mustard, bacon ranch, chips

Cone Bay Barramundi Fish n Chips $21
tartare sauce, salad

Fresh Fish of the Day $29
Spinach Puree, Saffron Aioli, Prawn Oil, Asparagus, Lemon Balm GF

Roasted Blue Eye Cod $29
Roasted Tomato Romesco, Rapini, Taggiasche Olives, Almonds, Parsley Essence GF

Roast Confit Duck Maryland $31
Caramelized Grapes, Hawaiian Yam, Sugar snaps, Orange & Star Anise Jus GF

Chargrilled Riverina Beef Fillet $31
Mushroom Puree, Cavalo Nero, Forest Mushroom & Parmesan Crust, Pink Peppercorn Jus.



Roast Broccoli & Brussel Sprouts, coriander pecan pesto  GF V $10

Rocket, Pear & Parmesan Salad, Green Goddess vinaigrette  GF V   $10

Wedges, sour cream, sweet chilli $13

Cheese Platter
Australian and imported gourmet cheeses, Damson plum paste, crackers $20


Pre-ordered by 3pm Monday - Thursday for pick-up or delivery from 5pm the following day.
Pre-ordered by 3pm Thursday for pick-up or delivery on Saturday from 12pm-2pm and 3pm-8pm; on Sunday from 12pm-2pm only (no evening service). 

Junee Marinated Lamb Leg (serves 6-8)     $147

Porchetta Roast, seasoned rolled pork belly (serves 6-8)    $160                                                                 

Whole Grainge Signature Black Angus Beef Striploin M3+ (serves 6-8)  $170

Whole Roasted Tasmanian Ocean Trout, lemon and dill, tartare sauce (serves 6)   $135

Portuguese Style Grilled Peri Peri Whole Free Range no. 18 Chickens (3 chickens, serves 6-8) $115

All Roasts served with roast potato, vegetables, table salads & gravy.


Members are welcome to purchase wines from the Master Take away List and collect these from the Northern Entrance (near the Main Bar) during the above hours. Please ring the bell and a staff member will meet you at the door. 





Letter from the Commodore

Dear Members, 
The Federal Government’s new directive on closing ‘non-essential venues’ directly impacts the Squadron. Your General Committee and the Squadron’s Senior Management team met this morning to discuss the new measures and we would like to advise you of the following closures, effective immediately:

Clubhouse amenities
The Dining Room, Careening Cove, Members Bar and CCA Bar are closed. 
Club Function rooms (Bennelong, Milson, Kirribilli, Shell Cove) and Library are closed. 
Club accommodation (clubhouse and Elamang Avenue) are closed. 

All Club activities have been suspended until further notice. This includes racing, Youth training, the Annual Cruise, D65s, Stepping Stone House. Club equipment (Elliott 7s, SUPS, RIBs) may not be taken out.

Please remember that these new rules are designed to protect Members, guests and staff and as such, we must comply. Please respect our staff's health by minimising any face to face interactions. Unavoidable meetings should be pre-arranged.  

Please do not visit our Club unless you are collecting food & beverage 
and then, do not come if:

- you or anyone in your immediate family and work colleagues has COVID-19
- you or anyone in your immediate family and work colleagues has been in contact with a known COVID-19 patient
- you or anyone in your immediate family and work colleagues is in voluntary isolation, say as a recent overseas returnee
- anyone has a cold or flu-like symptoms.

On the positive side…

The Fort Denison Cellar is open. Members may enter, peruse and purchase. You are also very welcome to place an order by phone or email 9017 0121 

Our new Dine at Home ordering service for take-away meals and fresh produce will continue. This service has already proven to be extremely popular with Members – a hundred boxes have been collected so far. We can also arrange Home Delivery. Click here for details.

Waterfront and Boatshed services are open. Our staff are on hand to see to your repair and maintenance jobs. Our tender service is running to its usual schedule – though please note, maximum capacity is four persons per vessel. 

Social activities We are actively investigating how activities such as Yoga, Book Club, Guest Speaker Events and Wine Tasting can move into an online environment so that our Member communities can continue to be informed and entertained whilst staying at home. Please keep a close eye on the OnBoard Weekly newsletter published on Thursdays. View recent editions here.

The closure of clubhouse activities will reduce the number of staff required on site. Regrettably a number of personnel will be affected. 

We will share additional information as soon as it becomes available. Updates will also be posted to the Squadron website and via our e-newsletters. If you know a Member who doesn’t have access to a computer, please call them to share these updates. 
These are challenging and difficult times, yet I am confident that the strength of community spirit that exists at our Club will help us to pull through. I urge you to take care of your health, safeguard the health of those around you and follow all official guidance.

Warm regards,
David Ward

RSYS Operations FAQs


Today we would like to tell you about what you CAN still do at the Club, the Clubhouse services still running and the facilities that are at your disposal. Read on!


OPEN: The Dining Room and Main Bar for lunch and dinner (Monday-Friday)
OPEN: The CCA for breakfast and lunch (seven days)
     Note: Advance bookings are essential – ‘no walk-ins’
OPEN: the kitchen – for Chef's Dine at Home menu click here for details
OPEN: Conference and private dining rooms are available, with modified settings
CANCELLED: Club house accommodation bookings until at least 1 May 2020

Q: Can I just turn up for lunch?
A: Advance bookings are essential so that we can manage room settings.

Q: Can I bring a group?
A: Maximum six to table. Tables are spaced well apart.

Q: How can the Club assist Members?
Our storerooms are full and our chefs are cooking up a storm! We will shortly publish a
Dining Out Menu – a variety of Squadron classic meals for you to order and take-away.

Please address your queries to Reception 9955 7171


The Fort Denison Cellar

OPEN: for take-away purchases and wine deliveries within Sydney Metro
Please address your queries to 9017 0121

Social Activities & Functions

CANCELLED: Grand Buffets, wine tastings, Wine Dinners, Book Club, Cruising Division, Literary Lunches, Opera by the Harbour, VIVID cruise tours.
CANCELLED: Bridge games, Bridge lessons, Dinner & Duplicate Bridge, Stepping Stone House Bridge Day.

Q: I booked an event, will I get a refund?
We have not charged your House Account

Q: What about future Club events?
A: All Club functions are suspended until at least 1 May 2020.

Please address your queries to 9017 01156



Private Sailing

use the tender service to access your boat
bring your boat to the Pond
access water and fuel
use the Jib crane to launch your keelboat
engage the RSYS boatshed staff for repair and maintenance work
work on your own boat on the hardstand
order provisioning platters
enjoy coffee and meals in the CCA (booking required - see below)

Please address your Waterfront queries to 9017 0161

Q: Can I launch my own dinghy?
A: You are still able to access your boat and go sailing however at this point in time we cannot offer any form of on water safety support.  We also are not able to make the club RIBs available to parent Members to act as on water support.

If you are going to go sailing:

  • As always, look at the weather forecast for Sydney Closed waters before launching.
  • Check the current warnings for NSW.
  • Go with a friend, in pairs (ie two boats keeping together on the water rather than one boat sailing alone)
  • Carry some form of communication such as a mobile phone and know who you are going to contact if you do get into trouble.  The Club will not be in a position to handle any rescues.
  • Ensure someone knows what time you are leaving, and what time you are expected back.  The Club Sailing Office cannot assume this responsibility.
  • Be aware of other Members accessing the outer pond arm.  Please stack dollies on top of each other in a position that allows other users to safely navigate a path on the arm.
  • As always, be aware of other traffic on the Harbour (ferries, motorboats, yachts etc.)

 Sailing is a wonderful sport that builds independent thinkers but things can go wrong and parents need to appreciate the potential risks of sailors sailing alone, or even sailors heading out in groups on a busy commercial Harbour.  Trouble could be as simple as a boom disconnecting from a mast or something breaking on a boat making it difficult to sail, or could even be an accidental hit to the head with a boom.  Please consider all ‘What If’ scenarios before sailing, and in particular before sailing alone.

Q: Can I hire a SUP?
A: This is available to Members and can be booked online here.

Q: Can I hire an Elliott7?
A: Not at the present time.

Q: Can I hire a Club RIB?
A: Not at the present time.

Q: Can I hire a Club Laser?
A: Not at the present time.




PONANT Friday Twilight,

Sunday Twilight
All Saturday racing (Summer Series, Mini As, Mini Bs, Varuna Trophy race)
Stepping Stone House Regatta

DF65 Racing

All Youth Dinghy Racing and Training


Q: What does this mean for our race officials?   

A: Unfortunately this spells the end of the 2019/2020 sailing season. Thank you to our valued volunteers for their diligence and commitment throughout the sailing season.

Q: Will external events proceed?

A: RPEYC Wednesday afternoon racing is cancelled.
Please check with the host clubs:

SOPS racing on March 21 run by MHYC
The Manly Yacht Club Women’s Challenge
Combined Clubs Winter Series - to be advised.

Please address your queries to 9017 0152



CANCELLED: The Annual Squadron Cruise and monthly Cruising Division meetings.

Please address your queries to 9017 0152


The Sailing Academy

CANCELLED: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday Youth Dinghy Sailing activities
All Tackers, Teens, LOTS and Open Keelboat learn to sail programs

Q: I booked a course, can I get a refund?
A: Of course, we will give you a credit towards a future course.  We will publish a new schedule of course dates and times as soon as practicable.  If you would prefer a refund or would like to discuss anything please contact our Sailing Academy Manager 9017 0154

Q: I’m hoping to join the Senior Keelboat Development Program
We hope to publish some details in the coming weeks however our start date is now delayed.  Please send an expression of interest to



Success at the NSL

Last weekend the team of Maddie O'Shea, Brooke Wilson, Marlena Berzins and Tiana Wittey finished 3rd in the SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific northern qualifier sailed out of Hunters Hill Sailing Club.  Eleven teams representing nine clubs contested the event. The format for the umpired fleet event has six boats per race, and teams rotate boats throughout the racing.

Saturday’s racing on the windward/leeward course off Woolwich on Sydney Harbour’s western shoreline was blown out by a strong wind warning. Losing half the series compressed Sunday’s schedule for competitors, race officials and visiting umpires. Races were short and snappy, with a three minute warning for each.  
"With around 18 races run, our RSYS team remained focused and steadily improved as the day went on," said Tiana Wittey. "The RL21s proved to be fun and dynamic boats and we really enjoyed testing our skills and knowledge by transitioning into a boat we had never sailed on before. Unfortunately in one of our races our spinnaker halyard broke, forcing us to finish that race earlier than anticipated. Overall, the regatta was wonderful and we are so proud to have represented the RSYS and come home with a third place. We have been working extremely hard as a team and are expecting big things in our future," she added.

The team has qualified for the 2020 SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific Final.  This was to be sailed early April but has now been postponed. 

Click here to view a short wrap-up video from the event

Final results here

image Beau Outteridge