Morna Cup and Saturday racing

The Morna Cup was contested on Saturday 4 November and attracted 29 boats and their crews. The Morna Cup is the second event of the RSYS Perseverance Trophy Series, the first being the Gascoigne Cup held on 21 October. Saturday’s race also counted towards the CYCA SOPS series, being Race 3. 

The fleet consisted of yachts from the CYCA, MHYC, NSC and the RSYS; there were 15 competitors in Division 1 contending the Morna Cup and 14 in Division 2 competing for the G Carter Trophy. The winner of the Morna Cup was Tim and Edward Cox of Minerva, representing the RSYS. They won by more than two minutes in their corrected time over Bob Cox’s Nine Dragons (MHYC) who finished 2nd. In Division 2, Dennis Cooper’s Amante (CYCA) was victorious and took out the G Carter Trophy, improving on his last result of 3rd in the Gascoigne Cup.

The weather on the day was wet and windy. A consistent southerly breeze was present for the whole day peaking in strength at around lunchtime, above 20 knots. A few showers and scattered clouds kept the temperatures in the high teens. The conditions set the scene for competitive and intense racing for all boats. A big thank you to Race Officer Martin Clark and his team for running another great day of racing.


Podium Results – Morna Cup

Division 1

  1. Minerva – Tim & Edward Cox – RSYS
  2. Nine Dragons – Bob Cox – MHYC
  3. Khaleesi – Andrew & Pauline Dally – RSYS

Division 2

  1. Amante – Dennis Cooper – CYCA
  2. Saltshaker – Peter Franki – CYCA
  3. Botany Access Cocomo – Justin Brownbill – MHYC


Also on Saturday 4 November was the usual Saturday racing for the RSYS. There were 37 boats out on Sydney Harbour competing across the three divisions, Etchells and Ynglings.


Podium Results- Saturday Series 4 Nov

Division 1   

  1. Jackie Clare – Geoff Davidson
  2. I Super – Peter Campbell
  3. Huntress – Philip Grove

Division 2        

  1. Alouette – John Waring
  2. Can Can – Roman Tarnawksy
  3. Solange – A King / T Carroll / W Hutchinson

Division 3                

  1. Kirsten II – Ken Chase / John Bowman
  2. Abracadabra – Nicholas Hogg
  3. Casamajor – Charles Moore


  1. Yandoo XX – Jeanne-Claude Strong
  2. Shindig – Mike Tyquin
  3. Umami – Christian Brook / Ant Elliott


  1. Blackadder – Gary Pearce
  2. Miss Pibb – Hamish Jarrett / Max Hayman
  3. Yertle – Jan Newland


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