J/70 Australian Championship

The J/70 Nationals hosted by the CYCA last weekend attracted nine boats including three from RSYS and two from Victoria.  

Conditions on Saturday were challenging with a very shifty westerly which at times gusted over 30 knots.  Exhilarating downwind rides were offset with the lottery of the top mark rounding that quite often saw positions change as the breeze literally rotated 360 degrees around the mark underneath Bradley’s Head. Sailing on Sunday took place in a 10 to 12 knot sou’easter with much closer racing in the fleet. Reg Lord and the team on Juno showed their experience and won each race of the regatta to take out the 2019 Australian Championship title.

Competing in the fleet was RSYS Captain Karyn Gojnich who said afterwards: ‘Sara Ladd and I took ownership of the Jackal during the week so we were pleased just to get out to the race course and finish each race.  Big thanks to Pete Lowndes and Ewa Lindelöf who joined us for the weekend.’

Ray Carless of Junior commented: ‘The winds and harbour conditions were at times challenging but overall it was an excellent event with great sportsmanship, camaraderie and most of all, fun J/70 sailing.’  

RSYS Members Sara, Karyn, Pete and Ewa on The Jackal

If you’re wondering what J/70 sailing is like, RSYS Member Michael Nash explained why he is a fan: ‘The J/70 is a great boat for mixed sailing as the main is manageable for anyone and the spinnaker is not too powerful. Olga (Skatkova) said just yesterday that she was surprised she had no problems playing the spinnaker on Saturday. The future for sailing could be mixed sailing with both men and women skippers. The nice thing about the J/70 is that even though it is manageable for women and us small men, it is still a wild and exciting ride for anyone when the wind gets up. The other great thing is you can sail four up if you are bigger or five up if you aren’t, as the ideal weight is 320 to 340kgs. I like the J/70 because it is a light, nimble boat, easy to manage coming into and in the dock and a pleasure to sail as the helm is super light.’

The 2020 Nationals are scheduled to take place over Easter, hosted by Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron.  RSYS is currently hosting a J/70 Twilight series with racing on Thursdays 31 October and 7 November.  J/70s can also be seen racing in the RSYS Mini B regattas in the sports boat division.

J70 One Design                                 Skipper                     Club     R1    R2    R3    R4    R5    R6    Points
1    Juno (7071)                                  Reg Lord                  CYCA     1       1       1      1       1     -1       5
2    James (AUS007)                          Tim Ryan                 CYCA     2       3    -10      4       3      3     15
3    Jabberwocky (AUS1129)              Andrew Tompson     MHYC    3       4       2     -6       2      5     16
4    Maybe-J (1303)                            Peter Nash               RSYS    -7       5       3      2       5      6     21
5    Spike (AUS196)                            Tony Landgren         SYC       9      -9       4      3       6      2     24
6    Madness (1305)                            Paul Breslin             RSYS    -8       2       5      5       7      7     26
7    The Jackal (AUS1130)                  Karyn Gojnich          RSYS     5       7       7     -7       4      4     27
8    Jumpin’ Jack Flash (AUS1284)     Andy McIntyre         BYS        4       6       6      8       8    -8      32
9    Junior (AUS7082)                         Ray Carless             MHYC    6       8    -10      9       9      9      41


Pictured top – Madness, Paul Breslin
Photos by Beth Morley of www.sportsailingphotography.com, view more at www.facebook.com/jboatsaustralia