Discover the joy of sailing Ynglings

The Australian International Yngling Association is calling for expressions of interest from RSYS Members who are interested in leasing an Yngling for regular Tuesday Twilights, Sunday Twilights or Saturday racing.

For Tuesday Twilights, Holly (YAUS 58) is currently available for lease to female skippers for the entire series. The cost for the entire series is $425 (not including race entry and other fees).

For Saturday racing and Sunday Twilights, both Holly (YAUS 58) and Mojo (YAUS 47) are currently available. The cost will depend on which race series is entered, but will be based on a rate of $40 per day (not including race entry and other fees).

For Youth teams, the Association will consider leasing the boats free of charge, noting that the race fees and other costs will still need to be covered by the lessee.Yngling hire is only available to Members of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron.

Expressions of interest should be submitted in writing by 5pm on Friday 5 November 2021, via an email to

For any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact Adam Tran on 0403 805 493.

About the Yngling

The Yngling is a sleek and seaworthy small racing keelboat (6.35 m (21′) LOA, 645 kg.), succinctly described as ‘an agreeable cross between a planing dinghy and a keelboat.’ Its design is classic, and its construction is durable.

The Yngling is designed to sail with three crew (although two can handle it easily). Optimal crew weight is 180 to 230 kgs., so the Yngling accommodates both juniors and normally sized adults, and it is the ideal women’s racing boat.  Sail controls on the Yngling are easy to manage, and the effects of small adjustments are felt by the crew. The Yngling sails in a delicate and fast upwind groove.

The Yngling has been an International Class since 1979. Strong and enthusiastic class associations exist in Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, and North America. National and regional regattas are held throughout these areas, and the World Championships are hosted annually.

The core of the fleet worldwide is a competitive but friendly group of long-time Yngling sailors.

Photos by Beth and Marg Fraser-Martin.