Book Club 'The Museum of Modern Love'

Starting on 26 May 2020 11:30:00
We will meet online at our usual time of 11.30am on Tuesday 26 May to discuss 'The Museum of Modern Love' by Heather Rose.
This mesmerising literary novel is about a man in search of connection - a meditation on love, art and commitment, set against the backdrop of one of the greatest art events in modern history, Marina Abramovic's The Artist is Present.  
The Museum of Modern Love is Heather Rose’s reimagining of Abramovic’s 2010 performance in New York where the artist sat in silence at a table in MOMA every day for three months, inviting members of the public to sit opposite her and exchange meditative gazes.  While Abramovic and her work is the axis on which the novel turns, the narrative drive comes from the stories of the people who participate in the performance, often at a crosswords in their own lives.  
Heather Rose is the bestselling Australian author of eight novels. Heather writes for both adults and children. Her adult novels include Bruny, The Museum of Modern Love, The River Wife & The Butterfly Man.
The Museum of Modern Love won the 2017 Stella Prize, the Christina Stead Prize and the Margaret Scott Prize.  It has been published internationally and both stage and screen rights have been acquired.
'Art will wake you up. Art will break your heart. There will be glorious days. If you want eternity you must be fearless.' From The Museum of Modern Love

How to access this event online

This event will be conducted via the Zoom video conferencing facility. 
Zoom has been successfully used by RSYS committees in recent weeks to conduct face to face meetings. It allows many guests to join a meeting and hold a discussion in real time. 
Please don't be put off by this technological innovation - it's easy to use - all you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone.



Event details
Date: Tuesday 28 April
Time: 11.30am
Venue: in the comfort of your home  
Cost: free