SY Ena & other Maritime Adventures

Starting on 15 February 2018 19:00:00


Squadron Speaker Event

John Mullen founded the Silentworld Foundation 15 years ago predominantly to pursue maritime archaeology and support institutions such as the Australian National Maritime Museum. This has grown over the years and now includes the Silentworld Foundation Museum which is one of the largest private museums in Australia dedicated to early colonial maritime history. He will describe three exciting maritime projects: 

The restoration of the steam yacht Ena.

Ena is one of the finest examples of a classic steam yacht left in the world and is a seminal part of Australia’s history having been built in Berry’s Bay in 1900. Through the Silentworld Foundation, my wife and I fully restored the yacht and donated it to the Australian National Maritime Museum to be preserved in public hands in perpetuity.  We will bring her to the club in the afternoon of the 15th for members to inspect.

Maritime Archaeology and shipwreck hunting

Every year Silentworld plans, organises, and finances an expedition to look for an early colonial shipwreck of historical significance to Australia. I will demonstrate this activity and some of the successes that we have had over the years.

Finding Australia’s first submarine AE1

Towards the end of last year Silentworld raised the funding necessary to go and look for Australia’s first submarine, the AE1, which was lost in PNG at the outset of WW1. We were successful in finding her after 12 previous attempts bringing closure to the families of the 35 men who lost their lives. I will show your members how we conducted the search and some images of AE1 on the bottom.


Event details
Date: Thursday 15 February 2018
Time: 6.30 for 7pm
Venue: Carabella Room
Cost: $85 for two courses and wines
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