The Squadron is easily accessed by public transport and then a short walk from Milson’s Point railway station or the Kirribilli ferry wharf.


The onsite car parks are generally restricted to Members only. Alternate transport arrangements for guests and visiting sailors should be organised. The surrounding streets have 2, 4 and 10 hour parking spaces.

Dress Code Careening Cove Anchorage

Smart casual dress, jeans and sneakers are acceptable. Sailors in neat sailing gear are welcome.

Dress Code The Dining Room

Ladies: Shirt or blouse, dress, skirt or tailored pants, shoes.
Gentlemen: Open neck collared shirt, long trousers, shoes and socks. Although not required, most gentlemen prefer to wear a jacket.
Children: Under the age of 12 years and in the company of an adult, are expected to dress in an appropriate manner. Jeans and sneakers are not permitted.

Clubhouse Access

Access to level four and five of the clubhouse is restricted. Competitors and Members guests must be in the company of a Member to access these areas.

Guest Signing In

Per current NSW Health Orders, all visitors must sign in via the NSW QR code, or with the COVID Marshall.

All visitors are asked to show evidence of double vaccination.

It is a requirement of the Registered Clubs Act that a guest must remain in the reasonable company of the Member and not remain on the Club premises any longer than the Member.

Mobile Phones

Guests may have their phones switched on, provided the ringtone is set to silent. All calls are to be made and received outside of the clubhouse and terraces. SMS and emails are permitted provided they are silent and do not interfere with the relaxation of others. There is no restriction on the use iPads, laptops etc in the Careening Cove Anchorage.


Are welcome at all times in the Careening Cove Anchorage. We have special children’s meals, high chairs and bottle warming facilities available on request. The safety and behaviour of any child guest is the responsibility of the Member. The comfort of other Members should be considered at all times.


Competitors and guests should extend all courtesies to each other during their visit.


Smoking is not permitted in any area of the clubhouse including the Careening Cove Terrace. Ashtrays are provided on the lawn areas.


If you have any further queries, please contact our Reception at or Tel: 612 9955 7171.