Club Racing: ‘Groundhog Day’ 

Saturday’s Club racing fleet comprised 32 boats across three divisions.

Peter Lowndes of Wine-Dark Sea writes:

‘There was an element of ‘Groundhog Day’ with another 20 knot southerly forecast. The feeling though was a little more settled than last week (when the southerly came in with a flash of lighting and a deluge of hail.) Fully powered up with a new main for this year, but coupled with a converted furling jib with over 10,000nm on it, Wine-Dark Sea got another good start, albeit a bit closer to the boat than we wanted. Hell Razer must have had a good start as they forced Sydney to tack off Bradleys Head, which in turn forced us around. It was a good gain on the rest of the fleet though and we crossed in front of Vamp and our usual adversary Euphoria.

Division 1 start

Another good couple of shifts, and we rounded the Double Bay mark second behind Sydney. In contrast to last week, we popped a spinnaker for what was a fairly shy run down to Manly. I’m not sure what was happening on Vamp, but I heard a lot of spinnaker flapping over my shoulder down the run, and we were still in front of them when we got to Manly. They did claw back, just, on the work back to Eastern Channel, but they chose not to set a spinnaker for the second run which allowed us to stay in contact. We knew, though, we were punching above our weight division. They did get away from us on the last work, but we knew by then we just needed to make sure we were gapping the smaller boat behind us. It’s always hard for us to gauge this, so we just worked the shifts and kept pushing to the finish.

We were thrilled and a little surprised by the magnitude of our win. We were extra pleased with our 3rd in ORC and only four seconds off second. While I could whinge about how the boat doesn’t rate, maybe it just means we need to sail like that every week. It definitely provides a goal for us to aim at. Great performance by the crew. Only minor errors and all recovered cleanly and quickly’.

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Division 2 start

Division 3 start


Photos by John Jeremy.