Parents and Kids Opti Fun

Do you have young children or grandchildren you’d like to introduce to the fun of boats and messing about on the water? RSYS is now offering a number of options for our Members to go sailing with their little ones in our Club’s Optimist dinghies!

Opti Fun Experience

These sessions are a great way to introduce the your kids to dinghy sailing without waiting until they are 8 yrs old and can start a Tackers course. RSYS head coach Josh Chant has been doing this with his own kids since they were 9 months old and will share his tips to make it easier – as well as a few things not to do!

For the very young, this may involve nothing more than ‘lawn sailing’ – clambering around an Opti and playing with the tiller. If you’re not familiar with our boats, an RSYS coach will show you how to move, rig and launch an Opti into the Pond. Again, depending on your little ones’ inclination, they might enjoy a bailer water flight or simply hanging on a line; the key is child-led engagement – we are not seeking to train Toddler Tackers!

For families with older kids (or less flexible knees) we will set up two Club Pacers. This simple two handed boat is a great introduction to sailing for older sailors, and there is still lots of fun to be had.

Opti Sundays Experience

RSYS is also opening up access to the Club Tackers Optis on Sunday mornings for our Members to go sailing with their kids.

Going sailing in the pond with your little one will quickly become the best sailing you do, it is truly a fun activity to do together!

Please note that these offerings are not instructor-led course, but rather a shared Member experience.

Please book using the forms below or for more information please contact Josh Chant, RSYS Head Coach (E:, Ph: +61 2 9017 0154).

Family Opti Fun Booking Form

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