A strong fleet for the Women’s Keelboat Series

Whistling Kite (Nicola Wakefield-Evans) in the foreground as the fleet crosses the start

A fleet of 16 assembled for the third race of the Sydney Harbour Women’s Keelboat Series, run by RSYS on Sunday 23 January. In the five race SHWKS entrants choose between All female crew and Female skipper with a mixed crew, and can elect to sail either spinnaker or non-spinnaker.

Genevieve Slattery of Genovefa commented, ‘It was exciting to compete with some ‘big hitters’ on the Sydney sailing scene. We gave Law Connect the thumbs up as she slid by us and disappeared!

It was a good opportunity for Genovefa’s crew to put into practice some of the lessons learned from the recent RSYS Ladies of the Sea Coaching Regatta. We repeated the mantra “Fat and Fast” numerous times as we sailed.

We are accustomed to handicap starts on our Tuesday Twilights, so having a scratch start with the full fleet on the line was fun and nerve-wracking! It was also an exciting experience to sail at the other end of the harbour for a change. That is a wonderful aspect of this series: it encourages us to spread our wings beyond what we are familiar with and tests our skills in different conditions – crossing The Sound was exhilarating!

My crew and I are really looking forward to 27 February when RPEYC hosts the penultimate race of the series. The final race takes place on 27 March. I strongly encourage more women to enter and join the fun.’

Artemis and Kaotic tussle at the start

Following the race, dozens of sailors returned to RSYS for a sociable evening meeting other crews, sharing stories and some well-earned refreshments in the Careening Cove Anchorage terrace overlooking the beautiful harbour.

Event co-ordinator Amanda Hicks made the presentations to the winning skippers saying, ‘We are delighted to welcome crews from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Manly Yacht Club, as well as sailors from many other clubs. Women’s sailing is going from strength to strength, and it’s wonderful to see so many enthusiastic and committed sailors gathered here today.’

Artemis                                                                                       Xena

It Happens                                                                Kaotic, with Marg Fraser-Martin

All female crew (spinnaker)

1 Pacatack Wendy Tuck CYCA
2 Artemis Tracy Richardson MHYC
3 Wilde Rush Dinah Eagle CYCA

All female crew (non-spinnaker)
1 Genovefa Genevieve Slattery RSYS

Female skipper (spinnaker)
1 Kaotic Catherine Thornton-Rofe MYC
2 Kayimai Liz Charles MHYC
3 Rumba Stephanie Cook MHYC
4 Whistling Kite Nicola Wakefield Evans RSYS

Female skipper (non-spinnaker)
1 It Happens Bridget Canham CYCA

View full results here

In addition to these boats who have entered the full five race series, we welcomed seven casual entries, most of whom had participated in the recent LOTS Coaching Regatta.

Zig Zag 2, Alice Walker RSYS
Mojo, Kirstin Reblin RSYS
Xena, Amanda Hicks RSYS
Enigma, Anna Connery RSYS
Law Connect (MC38), Rachel Williams MHYC
Foreign Affair, Lisa Wilkinson CYCA.

Many thanks to our Race Management volunteers: Race Officer Terry Matthews, Coxswain Eric Duggin, Timing Pat Grace, Flags Richard Gorrell, Recorder Julie Clarke.

Smiles all round on Mojo (Kirstin Reblin)

The next race in the SHWKS will be hosted by the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club on Sunday 27 February.

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Photos by Marg Fraser-Martin, view more here