159th Squadron Annual Prize Giving

The Carabella Room and the Neutral Bay Verandah were humming with anticipation on Friday 28 May as sailors awaited the presentation of our Club’s finest silverware to mark the end of the 2020-21 season.

Captain Karyn Gojnich reviewed the season, marked by the vicissitudes of the pandemic, and praised the resilience and passion of our sailing community to enjoy their sport at every opportunity.

Commodore David Ward presented the following awards:

Idris Cup to Jack Ferguson

During the nomination period Jack won his second Wasp Australian Championship, he now claims 5 national titles. Capitalising on the travel restrictions during the COVID lockdown, Jack spent numerous hours on the water transitioning to the 49er class and with crew Max Paul are now a regular training partner for the Philips brothers who are preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.

The lockdown also saw the emergence of virtual sailing and Jack won and the right to represent RSYS in the NSW State Championship, which he won and also went on to win the Trans-Tasman eSailing Championships.

Joanne Trophy to Nicola Wakefield-Evans

Nicola skippered Whistling Kite to win Division 1 of the inaugural Sydney Harbour Women’s Keelboat Series and one leg of the Manly Yacht Club’s Women’s Challenge series. She is an enthusiastic competitor and Club Member, embodying our values of integrity, progressiveness, inclusiveness, respect and safety in her encouragement and support for female sailors to sail on her boat.

Carabella Tray to Kevin Wong

Kevin is a key member of Malcolm Shaw and Mike Seymour’s Zig Zag2 crew. He ensures there is a full complement of crew for each race. Kevin is technically savvy and improves the performance of the boat by providing valuable information on the boat’s speed, the effect of the tide and wind lanes as well as making tactical decisions during the race. Kevin trains the main crew and also the women’s only crew.

John Thomas Batty Trophy to Jed Cruickshank

Jed held up against Tom Slingsby at the Bolle Match Cup before joining the winning crew on Defiance for the Sydney Hobart Veterans’ Race. He secured a top four result at the Hardy Cup, won the Sailing Champions League Australasian Youth Nationals and qualified for the SCL World Championship. Around our Club, Jed’s inclusive attitude helped raise the effectiveness and efficiencies of our juniors in the SKP  training sessions.

Ruth McCance Memorial Trophy to Richard Lawson

Richard makes an outstanding contribution to the community, the Squadron and our sport. He has served on the Waterfront, the Annual Cruise and the Cruising Division committees. Rapunzel is a regular participant in the Friday and the Ladies Tuesday Twilight Series and the Annual Cruise and Richard regularly takes novices out. He is a member of the ‘Red Shirts’ volunteers and is always the first person to help out with events such as the Hardy Cup. Beyond RSYS, Richard supports the International Council of Yacht Clubs and is deeply involved in raising funds through the annual Stepping Stone House Regatta.



Season Results


Equiknox John Molyneux Milson Silver Jug
Race winner 20 February
Ultreya Rod Pearse Norn Cup
Race winner 28 November
Euphoria Tony Coleman 2nd Main ORC Club series
Wine-Dark Sea Peter Lowndes 3rd Spring series
3rd Combined Clubs Inshore series
ISuper Peter Campbell 3rd Summer series
Varuna Trophy
Winner of an invitational race for season
Peregrine John & Michael Stephen 2nd Main series
Hugh Torode 2nd Summer series
1st RPEYC series
Sydney Charles Curran AC 2nd Spring series
1st Main ORC Club series
Vamp Donald Graham 1st Spring series
3rd Main ORC Club series
3rd Main series
Jackie Clare Geoff Davidson Duke of Gloucester Cup
Race winner 10 October
2nd Combined Clubs Inshore series
Geoff Lee Trophy
1st RSYS boat Combined Clubs Series
1st Summer series
1st Main series
Boomerang Cup



Zig Zag 2 Malcolm Shaw, Mike Seymour 1st Summer series
Grendel Tom Cehak 3rd Spring series
Akiiki Rowan Mitchell Carleton Cup
Race winner 10 October
Solange Trevor Carroll, Andy King Intercolonial Cup
Will Hutchinson Race winner 28 November
3rd Combined Clubs Inshore series
3rd Main series
Arcturus 3 Peter Davenport Milson Silver Tray
Race winner 20 February
2nd Spring series
2nd Summer series
2nd Main series
1st RPEYC Series
Agent 88 Stephen Ellis 1st Spring series
3rd Summer series
1st Main ORC Club series
1st Main series
J A V Minnett Memorial Cup


Tingari John Jeremy Tarring Cup
Race winner 28 November
Hector Bertrand Philippe Xarifa Teapot
Race winner 10 October
3rd Combined Clubs Inshore series
Saga Greg West 2nd Spring series
Beowulf Stafford Watts 1st Summer series
Zeus II Jim Dunstan 1st Spring series
2nd Main series
Kirsten III Ken Chase & John Bowman 1st Combined Clubs Inshore series
2nd Summer series
3rd Main series
Casamajor Charles Moore The LF (Livvy) Mann Trophy
Race winner 20 February
1st RPEYC series
3rd Spring series
2nd Combined Clubs Inshore series
3rd Summer series
1st Main series
The Flag Officer Race Trophy


Flirtation Matthew & Rob Crawford 1st Ice Breaker Regatta
Flying High Jeanne-Claude Strong, 2nd Ice Breaker Regatta
Seve Jarvin, Sam Newton 2nd Twilight Sprints
Kate Devereux
Havoc Iain Murray, Richard Allanson 3rd Ice Breaker Regatta
Nia Jerwood
Havoc Colin Beashel,  Richard Allanson 2nd Mini Regatta series
Murray Jones, Tara Blanc Ramos
Havoc Colin Beashel, Richard Allanson Milson Silver Goblets
Rafael Trujillo Winner Milson Silver Goblets series
Triad 2020 John Bertrand, Jake Lilley 2nd Milson Silver Goblets
Noel Drennan
Tranquility Base Rob Weir, Mike Tyquin Kopsen Trophy
Paul Thackray Corinthian winner Milson Silver Goblets
Xarifa Chalice
Corinthian winner Mini Regatta Series
3rd Club Championship series
Community Matt Stenta Twilight Trophy
Transmission 1st Youth crew, Milson Silver Goblets
Magpie James Mayo, Jake Lilley 1st Summer Championship
Tom Slingsby Eaton Cup
Pie Mark Bradford, Will McCarthy 2nd Summer Championship
Anthony Nossiter
Shindig Paul Grundy, Andrew Want 2nd Club Championship series
Ben Williams, Jess Lawson Jim Annand Trophy
Nick Tracy-Sumners Corinthian winner Club Champ Series
First Tracks Peter Merrington, Steve Jarvin 1st Twilight Sprints
3rd Summer Champ Eaton Cup
3rd Milson Silver Goblets
3rd Mini Regatta series
Vincero Nick Kingsmill, Peter Gardner The Ted Albert Memorial Trophy
Rob Woodman Race winner 7 November
1st Club Championship series
John “Choco” Winning Mem Plate
1st Club Championship PHS series
Phil Pearce Memorial Trophy
Lisa Rose Martin Hill, Julian Plant 3rd Twilight Sprints
Alice Tarnawski, Mat Belcher 1st Mini Regatta series
Etchells Mini Regatta Trophy



Trio Michael Bartley 3rd NSW Championship
Liquidity Richard Franklin 2nd NSW Championship
Imagination Fred Haes 1st NSW Championship
Jock Carr Memorial Cup
Abracadabra John Marty, Philip Jones Alan Jarman Trophy
Kerry Robinson Most improved helmsman
Tom Thumb III Peter Crane William Eric Hamilton Strain Trophy
Highest placed Dragon Div 3 Main series
Era Cup
Winner of the last Mini Regatta
Bob McCluskey Colin Venables Crew Trophy
Charlotte Stanfield Winning crew Mini Regatta series
1st Mini Regatta series
Elaine Rountree Trophy


Holly Elyse Guevara-Rattray, Sirocco Trophy
Alison Brierley, Phillipa Howse Winning female crew Australian Champ
Karma Gary Wogas, Cameron Sloey 2nd Australian Championship
Nicole Follington 1st Australian Championship PHS
2nd NSW Championship
3rd Mini Regatta series
Yertle Jan Newland, Andrew Hunt 1st Mini Regatta series PHS
Lovelle D’Souza
Miss Pibb Hamish Jarrett, Max Hayman King Haakons Cup
Chris Pearson Winner 12 race series
2nd Mini Regatta series
1st Australian Championship
Jan H Linge Trophy
1st NSW Championship
The Malcolm Barlow Trophy
Black Adder Gary Pearce, Ellis Todres 3rd Australian Championship
Ellen Vagner 3rd NSW Championship
1st Mini Regatta series
Troika Adam Tran, Vivian Tse Rupert McCurrich Fire Truck Trophy
Kane Luu Mini Regatta winner 5 December
1st Club Championship PHS
Royal Temple Yacht Club Trophy
1st Club Championship SCR
The 200 Trophy


Juno Reg Lord, Ben Lamb, 1st J/70 Twilight Sprints
Jess Grimes & Ewa Lindelof 1st East Coast Championship
The Jackal Karyn Gojnich, Sara Ladd 3rd Mini Regatta series
Will Tomas, Amy Gojnich 3rd East Coast Championship
Kevin Wadham
James Tim Ryan, Adrian Kiely 3rd J/70 Twilight Sprints
Peter Ryan, Narelle Barnes 2nd Mini Regatta series
Maybe-J Michael & Peter Nash 2nd J/70 Twilight Sprints
John Watson, Garth Davies 2nd East Coast Championship
1st Mini Regatta series
Warwick Rings


Black Adder Warrick Back 1st place One Design
Takana David Seaton 3rd place
Viva La Vita Howard Elliott 2nd place
Whistling Kite Kym Evans 1st place


714 Tiny Dancer Phil Burgess 1st Club Championship
71 Little Avalon Michael Bellingham 1st Division 1
295 Bonsai Paul Barbour 1st Division 2


Vento Walter Lewin Morna Cup
1st Morna Cup Division 1
Whisper David Griffith Gascoigne Cup
1st Gascoigne Cup Division 1
Hell Razer Ian MacDiarmid 3rd Perseverance Trophy series
Minerva Tim and Edward Cox 2nd Perseverance Trophy series
Morag Bheag John Maclurcan Thelma Plate
1st Gascoigne Cup Division 2
G Carter Trophy
1st Morna Cup Division 2
Perseverance Trophy
1st Perseverance Trophy series


These awards were presented on the last day of racing.
Coco Jenny Farrell 1st place
Euphoria Peggy Sniffin 2nd place
The Jackal Sara Ladd 3rd place


These awards were presented on the last day of racing.
Inspiration Award Jenny Farrell
The Tuesday Twilight Inspiration Award was kindly donated by Jan Williams.
The award objective is to encourage women aged 55 and over who have either sailed as a teenager
or earlier in life and/or completed the LOTS program (Ladies of the Sea) at our Club, thus they are
returning to sailing or starting later in life. The characteristics are the love of sailing, commitment
and enthusiasm and a growing skill base.
Ladies Division
Genovefa Genevieve Slattery 1st Main Series
Jan Rowed Memorial Trophy
Coco Kate McCann 2nd Main Series
Rapunzel Sandy Lawson 3rd Main Series
1st Trophy Series
The Gypsy Moth Trophy
Open Division
Gail Force Graeme Smith 1st Main Series
One Design Division
Shining Star Megan Howard 1st Main Series
The Lady Helm Trophy
Mojo Kirstin Reblin 2nd Main Series
The Jackal Sara Ladd 3rd Main Series
1st Trophy Series
The Bluebird Trophy

Combined Clubs Winter Series 2020

Tom Thumb III Peter Crane 1st Classic Division
Euphoria Tony Coleman 1st Division 1
Hell Razer Ian MacDiarmid 3rd Division 1
Can Can Roman Tarnawsky 1st Division 2
Zeus II Jim Dunstan 2nd Division 2
Solveig II David & Stuart McLean 1st Division 1 non-spinnaker
Vivace Tony Shannon 2nd Division1 non-spinnaker
Takana David Seaton 3rd Division 1 non-spinnaker
Out of the Blue John van Ogtrop, Kars Meyboom 1st Division 2 non-spinnaker
Stephen Grenville


Captain Gojnich expressed her thanks to the RSYS Volunteer Race Management Team who ensure the smooth running of our extensive and diverse sailing activities.


Photos by Marg Fraser-Martin